Jason Kenney Deserves Credit For Admitting Errors, Attempting To Protect Constitutional Rights Amid Crisis

Few politicians have admitted mistakes, and even fewer have stood up for the constitutional rights of the Canadian People. In this regard, Kenney stands out.

As we all know, politicians and governments have been failing over and over again during the pandemic.

They failed to do the most basic job of protecting our borders and ports of entry, letting the China Virus into our country.

Then, they imposed initial lockdowns, which were understandable due to how new the virus was, and how we were all trying to adapt.

However, those lockdowns featured some serious problems, particularly rules that decimated small businesses, while enriching global corporations.

After cases went down, the failure continued, as months of stability were squandered as no plans were introduced to protect the most vulnerable in personal care homes.

When cases started going up again, politicians offered no innovation or adaption, and instead pushed lockdowns again.

Many of those lockdowns repeated the same mistakes as the first, as small businesses are once again being crushed while big companies thrive.

Further, there has been rampant hypocrisy.

Politicians have praised some protests, while condemning others. Law enforcement has protected some protests, while punished others. This politicization of law enforcement by politicians is very dangerous. Even ‘conservative’ premiers have been shutting down activities like outdoor, drive-in church services, a clear overreach of government.

Few politicians have admitted any mistakes, or have sought to protect our constitutional rights.

Jason Kenney is a notable exception.

Kenney apologized for the initial lockdowns and the damage done to small businesses:

“In the spring, we made a stupid mistake with restrictions that tilted the playing field toward big box stores by keeping them open, while closing our small businesses. For that, I apologize.

With these carefully targeted measures to slow the spread, won’t make that mistake again”

The new measures introduced by Alberta apply the same capacity restrictions to both large and small businesses.

Kenney has also been defending the right to protest.

Here’s what Kenney said in response to a question about an anti-mask protest:

“Obviously, when it comes to the constitutionally protected right to protest and the enforcement of these measures, that’s a matter for the police to determine, not for politicians to interfere in.

“We would ask people not to engage in large-scale protests, and if they do so, please wear masks.”

Note, Kenney is asking, not telling. And that’s important.

There is no problem with politicians using their position of influence to try and persuade people. Personally, I think it’s fine for politicians to be encouraging people to limit gatherings, wear masks, and reduce the spread of the China Virus.

However, a line is crossed when politicians go from persuading, to using excessive state power to launch massive restrictions on individual rights and freedoms.

Kenney is one of the few who has even acknowledged that protesting is a constitutional right, with most other politicians only supporting that right for causes they support, while ignoring it for causes they oppose.

Of course, Kenney is predictably being attacked for this by the media & political establishment. His refusal to completely go along with their massive expansion of government power, and his willingness to admit government errors, threatens to undo their effort to exploit the crisis to lock in their dominance, and thus they must attack and undermine Kenney.

That’s why it is essential for patriotic Canadians across the political spectrum to acknowledge that Kenney is at least trying harder than most to do the right thing. We need more of that, not less.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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