Top Bureaucrat In Finance Department Quits After Fiscal Update

With Paul Rochon being praised as “an island of fiscal sanity” in the Liberal government, his departure is concerning.

When former Finance Minister Bill Morneau left, there was speculation that he was the loser of an internal struggle between Justin Trudeau’s cronies who want ever increasing spending, and more rational voices in the bureaucracy.

With Chrystia Freeland taking over, and the Liberals now promising $100 billion in new spending on top of a nearly $400 billion deficit, that was seemingly confirmed.

And now, Paul Rochon, the top non-elected official in the Finance Department, is leaving.

His departure comes just a day after the fiscal update was released.

Rochon is respected by many across the political spectrum, having also served in the Harper government.

Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre praised Rochon:

“Rochon is an excellent public servant. He was an island of fiscal sanity within this government.”

As noted by the Calgary Herald, Rochon’s letter announcing his resignation didn’t mention Chrystia Freeland:

“In his note, the deputy minister highlights the department’s work that he says allowed Canada to: “escape the ravages” of the 2008 financial crisis, enter the COVID-19 pandemic “in a strong fiscal position,” have a highly regarded public pension system, and put in place policies “that lessened the build-up in household indebtedness thereby avoiding potentially devastating impacts on households.”

The deputy minister also thanked a long list of finance department officials for their work. There is no mention of the work done by political staff or current Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland in the memo.”

Paul Rochon’s departure is a big concern

With Rochon departing, the question is what will happen next. If he was holding back even crazier stuff from happening, what will the Liberals be unleashing now?

It seems Trudeau & Freeland are on a drive to continue expanding government debt and spending, even as they impose policies that weaken growth, thus making the debt far less manageable.

That dangerous combination may be about to get worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Well when good people stand by, and can do nothing, this means we need to really see what is going on, if we were only still a truthful democracy, instead of a fascist post national state…


When you listen to Freeland talk about our economy and our debt, it becomes quite clear that she has ZERO knowledge of how economics works. Combine that with the fact that Trudeau knows even less and you realize Canada is in BIG trouble. I cant believe Jagmeet Singh would let these liberals do this to the very people he thinks he is protecting by getting paid sick leave. Those individuals will have a lot more to worry about down the road when they have to go back to work. We supposedly pay politicians a decent wage in order to get… Read more »

Arie Intveld

People with integrity don’t take kindly to spending time in the company of United Nations quockerwodgers and George Soros biographers. I’m surprised Paul Rochon didn’t hang up his holster on the day he had to start reporting to Bill Morneau.

In any event, the out-of-control borrowing, spending and larceny will continue unabated with Canadian taxpayers being both collateral and guarantors for $1.5 trillion. The IMF now owns each and every Canadian for the next three generations. Slavery is flourishing.

Brian Dougan

Arie; “quockerwodgers”–what an intriguing word. Had to Google the meaning.

Definition: Quockerwodger (Noun) A wooden puppet controlled by strings. The term QUOCKERWODGER, although referring to a wooden toy figure which jerks its limbs about when pulled by a string, has been supplemented with a political meaning. A pseudo-politician, one whose strings of action are pulled by someone else. Trudope to a “t.”

Guy-Paul Roy

Stay Safe and Well. The Turd in the Punch Bowl has destroyed all else. All will pay as it is now too late. A Vote might just save Canadians ( SOMEWHAT ) from Coast to Coast to Coast.


Giving up in frustration and escaping from a sinking ship? Here is one Civil Servant that at least has some ethics.


Pffft. Canada with it’s puny billions of dollars in debt. Go big, or go home! You’re not a real country until your interest payments are in the billions.