Trudeau’s Ratings On Crisis Management Dropping Among Canadians

In the last few weeks, there has been a large increase in the number of Canadians saying the federal government has done a “bad job” handling the China Virus crisis.

For some time, Justin Trudeau has benefitted from the establishment media covering for his repeated failures to manage the China Virus crisis.

No matter how many times the government got things wrong, their ratings stayed relatively high.

But now, that appears to be changing.

Following reports – and the evidence of our own eyes – that Canada will be behind many countries in receiving a vaccine, views of the federal government’s handling of the crisis are dropping.

In early November, an Angus Reid survey showed 65% of Canadians saying the feds have done a “good job,” compared to 32% saying they’ve done a “bad job.”

Now, the latest Angus Reid survey conducted between November 24-30 – shows 56% saying the government is doing a “good job,” compared to 40% who say they are doing a “bad job.”

The 40% opposed to the government’s handling of the crisis is the highest number recorded by Angus Reid so far.

And keep in mind, that’s before we actually start watching as millions get vaccinated around the world while Canadians wait.

Trudeau approval rating

Trudeau’s ratings are split, with 38% moderately approving, and 13% strongly approving. 15% moderately disapprove, and 32% strongly disapprove. The changes in approval from the previous poll are within the margin of error.

Liberals desperately spinning

With the Liberals facing renewed scrutiny for their planning – or lack thereof – when it comes to vaccine procurement and distribution, they are clearly worried about the damage it could do to them politically. They have been trying to blame everyone else, including blaming Stephen Harper and even Jean Chretien.

It’s a pathetic move, and it shows the lack of leadership and lack of competence in the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube