Patty Hajdu – Who Pushed Chinese Communist Party Propaganda – Shouldn’t Be Lecturing Anyone About ‘Misinformation’

Hajdu repeatedly backed up the messaging of the Chinese Communist Party amid the pandemic, and got things wrong over and over again. She has no credibility.

Throughout the China CCP Virus crisis, one politician has stood above them all in terms of rank incompetence:

Patty Hajdu.

From the start, Hajdu got it wrong.

She said the virus was “low risk” of entering the country.

She said border controls would “cause harm.”

She talked about “stigma” being the real threat.

She was seen without a mask at the airport, violating the guidelines pushed by the department she led – and was of course not fined like the rest of us would be.

And top it all off, she repeatedly defended the messaging of the Chinese Communist Party, claiming they were giving accurate info, when almost everybody else had already figured out the CCP couldn’t be trusted.

It’s no coincidence that many started calling her Propaganda Patty.

Yet, despite her repeated failures and obvious incompetence, Hajdu still somehow feels entitled to criticize others for ‘misinformation.’

Here’s what she had to say about a petition sponsored by Conservative MP Derek Sloan:

“It’s unfortunate to see politicians utilize their power to provide misinformation to Canadians when what Canadians need is clear, concise, science-based evidence,” said Hajdu, speaking to reporters on Friday.

“The government of Canada continually works against misinformation, from the beginning of COVID-19.”

Of course, you and I know that Sloan is simply doing what tons of MPs do, sponsor petitions so people can get their voice heard in the House of Commons.

Many MPs sponsor petitions they personally disagree with, as it remains one of the few areas of non-partisan respect for the public that still remains in our messed-up system.

Hajdu knows that of course, but chooses to try and score political points instead of being honest.

And if we’re talking about honesty, the truth is that after pushing CCP propaganda, Patty Hajdu has no business lecturing anyone else about ‘misinformation.’

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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