WATCH: Chrystia Freeland Thinks You’re Saving Too Much Money

She’s looking for ‘ideas’ on how to ‘unlock it.’

Addiction often follows the same pattern regardless of what someone is addicted to:

You need more and more to be satisfied.

And it’s the same with governments that become addicted to taking more and more tax dollars.

Sooner or later, they will try and get their hands on any morsel you have left.

Now, even amid the China CCP Virus Crisis, and the ensuing economic damage that has resulted, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland thinks you’re saving ‘too much’ money:

“Folks, lock away your money.

Liberals are worried you’re saving too much.

They want “ideas on how the government can act to unlock” those savings.

No, Trudeau, people’s savings don’t belong to you.

Keep your hands where we can see them.”

This is the behaviour of a government addicted to taking your money.

The carbon tax wasn’t enough.

The new tax on fuel isn’t enough.

The new taxes they’re planning on streaming services isn’t enough.

It’s never enough.

They need more and more and more.

Never mind the fact that with so much economic suffering, and an economy that was weak ahead of time, Canadians have some of the highest indebtedness levels in the world.

And never mind that Canadians need big tax cuts right now to help spur the economy.

No, Freeland thinks the problem is people saving ‘too much.’

This is heading down a disturbing road, as this government looks to continue leeching off the backs of the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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I predicted negative interest rates a long time ago. Any chequing and savings accounts will be charged interest to leave it in the Bank. They will try to force us to spend or our balances will decrease. They will also try to force us all to go digital, making cash almost illegal. Cash dollar bills will be dated, and anything older than – say – three months, will be declared worthless unless date stamped. There will be a charge for that stamp. Watch for Estate taxes to be suddenly applied as well as a Real Estate Transfer Tax that Horgan… Read more »

Arie Intveld

Guatemalans recently showed their government what they thought of how their country’s finances were being mishandled.

I like Guatemalans.

Ron Shaw

I can’t believe she’s that stupid , is this some kind of early April fools joke , or is she mentally handicapped . Unbelievable !

Cynthia Bateman

Yes, people are holding onto their savings for something more important than food and housing. Makes as much sense as Liberals ever do lol.

very old white guy

Hi folks, just one more old guy out here with a few bucks saved. How is everyone enjoying the police state that Canada has become?


So, what do we do? Where do we put our savings?

Wendy Lush

Gold, silver, Bitcoin, Bahamas, under the mattress.


In a cookie jar, stowed away in the pantry.

donna Scott

Act responsibly. Respectfully to Canadians. Take care of our veterans.


It has been and still is my contention that the liberals will eventually seize all of our savings and allot us only the money they deem we need to survive, under their “care and control”…to give us an allowance, so to speak. It is part of the UN Agenda 2030; the removal of right to own property, the seizure of property, etc. Canadians have already alluded to fact that they would willingly give up all their rights and freedoms if they could be released from their massive personal debts, such as mortgages (that they had willingly taken on). Government has… Read more »


The money they are stealing to give to friends and family and of course their off shore accounts, trusts, fake charities and the extra extravagance of too many big cottages and houses that they all can afford on our backs, with their large paycheques and other extras they seem to gather up secretly, would make a great start to pay off Canada’s still growing debt. Cut the size o government with their huge paycheques, all their perks and huge pensions (billions) at our expense. Maybe stop the billions of give a ways they hand out to other countries also with… Read more »

james isnor

Anyone surprised. They spend (waste) our tax dollars faster than a speeding bullet. Now they want to get their hands on our savings. Thinking about it is bad. Saying it out loud is horrifying. These people are insane and very dangerous

Gus Barron

A Communist led Finance Department shows that Trudeau and Butts are implementing the UN Socialist One World Government Agenda. The elimination of the Canadian Nationalist Pride in a once great Independent Thinking Country. Undermined by socialist Apparatchiks like Freeland, Trudeau Butts et al.

Patrick Mothersill

They are no longer sneaky about wanting to take your money. That’s getting really bold. I have no idea why anyone would even consider voting Liberal.

Dave Hassan

We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
-Winston Churchill

none o business

As an older once poor man who just managed to amass a small savings, and wants to open a Tax free saving account, i am worried.

Shannon Holland

My feelings are that the Liberals and NDP should lead by example and immediately half their salaries and that Trudeau should redistribute all of his foundation money to support Canada as well as every other wealthy liberal …tome to lead by example


To many of us,to few of them.


I was poor my entire life. Now at 40 i have 20 thousand in my account, which i’m planning on investing in something. The very thought of the gov just taking it out terrifies me. I’ll be poor again!

Gary Pawson

This is the very same unethical, immoral gang who gleefully took, & KEPT regulated PAY RAISE on April 1st 2020. During the China Flu explosion! People & companies not knowing what’s happening, or if they would even survive, BUT, the lowlife’s in the House in Ottawa will be OK, so all’s well with the world. This, as other world leaders such as the politicians in New Zealand had the decency to take a pay CUT. You know, they acted more like a human & good citizen instead of what we are sadly saddled with! (Hey Freeland, how about giving the… Read more »


Don’t be fooled people .. All the main Political parties are Culpable in ALL the decisions being made in Parliament. If the other parties (aka non liberal) TRUELY Disagreed with what the Libs have been doing & Forging on us against our will, this would Not be happening. But as per usual almost All just wanna get paid, no matter what it cost the country they Pretend to represent. They have Rigged the system Against anyone who Cannot afford to Buy thier way through this Night~Terror Canadian Citizens are facing & sadly too many are buying into the bullshyte Thinking… Read more »