WATCH: Our Crisis Response Needs More Creativity, Not Repeated Lockdowns

There are many things that could have been done, and can still be done, to both save lives and save Canadian small businesses.

With politicians offering more lockdowns, many are pointing out the total lack of innovation and creativity among those in power.

They had many months of low cases to adapt, yet instead we were offered nothing but lockdowns.

As I note in the video below, there were many alternatives:

“There are many things we could have done to save Canadian lives & save Canadian small businesses, instead of imposing more lockdowns.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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A talking point of the Globalist Agenda to redistribute our wealth, however, they do not intend to redistribute their own personal fortunes. It is always someone else they fixate upon because narcissists only find fault in others but never in themselves. Globalist Group Think has lead us into disaster! Btw, pay attention to the rhetoric regarding Russia and China, it’s about conditioning.

Eric Blair

If the people in government had any creativity they would not be in government to begin with. They are very creative in coming up with ways of spending our tax dollars here in Canada and abroad.

Arie Intveld

The solution to failed public health restrictions is not more public health restrictions. When governments and public health officials are focused on an agenda, there is zero tolerance for creativity. Adhere to the agenda’s script at all costs. But these failed public health restrictions aren’t really a failure, are they? They’ve been highly successful in creating camouflage for wholesale corruption as well as delivering hardship, despair, poverty, mental health issues and death. And that has been the objective from the onset; to render all of humanity into being fearful and obedient. All of humanity has been subjugated in 10 months.… Read more »