Key Architect Of Toronto 18 Terrorist Bomb & Beheading Plot Has Been Granted Parole

Shareef Abdelhaleem was granted day parole, a decision that went AGAINST the recommendation of the Correctional Service of Canada.

In a stunning and disgraceful decision, the Canadian Parole Board has granted Muhammad Shareef Abdelhaleem day parole, 14 years into his life sentence for being a key architect of the Toronto 18 terrorist plot.

The foiled 2006 plot included a plan to detonate massive truck bombs in Toronto, and behead the Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

As reported by the National Post, Abdelhaleem will get six months of day parole, and will study in Montreal.

Further, “He was told not to associate with anyone involved in crime or radicalized activity, not go to Toronto without permission from parole officials, and not have a position of responsibility “in any spiritual or religious activities or groups that share the same beliefs, this includes the mosque,” the parole board said.”

Abdelhaleem also has access to a cell phone, with officials having access to his SIM card, and is being ordered to attend a de-radicalization program.

Here’s what he said in response:

“I’m just so thankful. You will not be sorry. I know that you’re taking a risk and this is going to be highly mediatized, but in front of all these people and in front of God — I know I said I was not a religious man, but I do believe in God — I will not disappoint you. You will never hear from me again.”

Disgusting decision

This is an absolutely disgusting decision.

If Abdelhaleem and the other terrorists had succeeded in their plot, there would have been horrific death and carnage in Toronto, and the Prime Minister would have been murdered.

To think that he should now get day parole is insane, and the Parole Board should be completely ashamed of themselves for this horrendous move.

We continue to see an absolutely sickening pattern in this country of regular law-abiding Citizens being threatened and facing ever-increasing government coercion, while people who commit actual atrocities or plan horrific acts of terror are allowed to get pathetically weak punishments.

Something is seriously wrong in this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

Can we give him 10.5 million?

very old white guy

WOW. We Canadians are architects, we are the architects of our own demise. My God we are a stupid people.

Heather Featherstone

The seriously wrong in this country is Trudeau and ilk.

Gerri Page

He must be a friend of Trudeau’s. Trudeau is unqualified to be PM but it was his name that got him elected. Canada is changing for the worst and socialism is creeping in which eventually leads to Communism. Without question he must be removed as PM and voters all voters need to vote him out.

Glen Davidson

Canada does not have a “Justice System” we have a “Legal System”: We have become the “Land of the Stupid’s”


Look at the anger on his face! Who will be the unlucky winner of the death lottery?

J. Lynch

Just how stupid can these people get is there no depth to it.