In A Sane World, Trudeau Wanting Communist China’s Troops On Canadian Soil Would Be The End Of His Political Career

But as we have seen, we don’t live in a sane world.

Today, we learned from reports by Rebel News that Justin Trudeau’s Global Affairs Department opposed a decision by the Canadian Armed Forces to cancel a program that would have brought Communist Chinese troops to Canadian soil to learn about winter warfare:

“Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and Trudeau raged at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for cancelling the training after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.”

Think about that for a moment:

Justin Trudeau OPPOSED the Canadian Military, when the military was trying to stop China – a clear opponent of Canada’s values, a nation that is running concentration camps, has kidnapped Canadian Citizens, and is trying to infiltrate our society and our allies to tear apart democracy – from sending their troops to our soil to learn about war tactics.

Every Canadian should be horrified and outraged by this.

Keep in mind, as Trudeau constantly shows pathetic weakness towards China, he’s been lecturing India, just as he has previously lectured the United States.

As I noted on Twitter, Trudeau’s subservience toward China can’t be explained by China’s size:

“Some people try to excuse Trudeau’s subservience towards China as being due to China’s size. Of course, that doesn’t explain why he is so willing to lecture our democratic allies like the US and India. No, this is something different. Trudeau’s admiration for the CCP is real.”

As Marc Patrone noted on Twitter, imagine how India feels hearing this, after their troops were killed by China’s troops in cold-weather combat:

“Did Trudeau’s insistence we train Chinese troops for cold weather fighting cost the lives of Indian troops in the recent border clashes between those two countries?”

Clearly, Trudeau is acting as a tool for the Chinese Communist Party:

“Justin Trudeau tries to invite Communist China’s troops to Canadian soil, while lecturing India. At this point, there is zero doubt that Trudeau is against our allies and against Canada’s historic values, and acts as a tool for the Chinese Communist Party.”

In a sane world, Trudeau would have to resign in disgrace over this.

If things weren’t going crazy in the world, Justin Trudeau would already have had to resign in disgrace.

Inviting troops from a hostile nation to learn winter combat in Canada is completely anti-Canadian.

Canada’s allies in other democracies must be watching this with horror and outrage.

How can they trust us?

How can they trust Trudeau?

Trudeau’s subservience to China puts our alliances at risk, puts our security at risk, and could leave Canada completely isolated at a time when the world is getting more divided and more dangerous.

Canada needs a PM who serves our country, not China.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Well it’s no wonder he thinks like this. His ‘dad’, pet was a card carrying communist that idolized china & the soviet union. pet admired what the cccp had done in siberia using forced labor from jailed dissidents. Anyone who is old enough that lived through the pet era should know this. Those that didn’t need to learn about this. Jr is just following in pet’s footsteps & many in the east are too daft to see it.

Elizabeth Wallace

Wow! What a disgrace to Canada and Canadian values this Prime Minister is!

james isnor

Investigate the Trudeau foundation. Really he’s not that bright there should be bread crumbs everywhere.

very old white guy

Unfortunately Spencer Canadians are not very bright and much like Trudeau they have never encountered a form of socialism/communism that they would not embrace. I am glad that I am old.

Major Tom

Whatever happened to treason and sedition?

Bill Boskwick

Why is it that a two-bit politician like Trudeau can get away with the antics that this guy has been rubbing our noses in, when any other citizen would almost certainly be hauled up to account for actions? The phrase, “diplomatic / parliamentary immunity” just doesn’t cut it. Likewise for all those other elected politicians in Ottawa who whinny and whine but always seem to find a way to NOT get rid of the trouble-makers… If nothing else, recent events clearly show a need to overhaul our political focus, especially in Western Canada! Western Canadians are totally powerless to influence… Read more »

Ron Snobelen

“as Trudeau constantly shows pathetic weakness towards China”

But the pathetic weakness that mystifies me is the weakness shown to the nation of Canada.
We have a boy with an agenda as stated in 2015, that Canada is the first post national state.
We didn’t know what that meant five years ago.
In my terms we have a traitorous globalist puppet as a national leader.


Globalist sock puppet.


In the Canada of 40 years ago . . . the citizens would have been outraged of course. But today’s Canada is a mere shadow of what we once were. Today our major cities look more like a foreign country, our Govts are filled with people who have Agendas completely foreign to Canada or our once common values. Also we could thank the FakeStream Media . . . the clowns who no longer practice Journalism . . . just Pravda style Propaganda. Keeping the majority of Canooks in the Dumb Lane. This is how we elected the most incompetent PM… Read more »

Craig Travers

Like his father, he is a Communist.

Moe S.

To wake up and realize that our Communist enemy is not in some distant land. They are right here at home, training in warfare on Canadian soil. It reminds me of when the Nazis were expanding their empire. They steamrolled through towns, disorienting their enemies and catching unarmed people off guard. People couldn’t believe it was happening. One Nazi soldier with a gun controlled 100 without one. An estimated 13 million unarmed people were rounded up and exterminated. What we have here with Trudeau is insanity passed off to the general public as normal, through a media that is compromised.… Read more »


I’d like to know why the majority of people in the Western World have lost their minds. Trudeau is without a doubt the worst PM this country has ever had. His father was too.
It’s insane what our PM gets away with. The Liberal Party is in lock-step with him as not one of them has crossed the floor or gone Independent. That party will never get my vote, ever.

Pierre Dumoulin

There are already Chinese troops in Prince Rupert BC and Stanley Park Vancouver BC with Chinese ships in the Harbor. The Chinese troops have been in training in Petawawa. Trudeau is a traitor and a liar.


Why isn’t a current photo of Trudeau used that portrays him as a scraggly, unwashed, homeless bolshevik? Do Canadians know that China is laying claim to Arctic mineral wealth and is planning to use the ice-free Northwest Passage corridor to ship their cheap junk worldwide? Do people know that China has rebuilt the ancient Silk Road into northern Italy where they have purchased the ancient leather factories that supplied the world with superior leather goods? Do Canadians know that China is industrializing Africa, owns ports along the Pacific coast of N. America (until recently?), there are reports of Chicom troops… Read more »


“Clearly, Trudeau is acting as a tool for the Chinese Communist Party:”

Hi Spencer… your choice of words describing our Prime Minister Turd-Dope…..yes you are quite correct…….he is a TOOL for sure.