WATCH: O’Toole Vs Freeland In Question Period After Shocking Report Trudeau Wanted Communist China’s Troops On Canadian Soil

The Liberals are under siege, with no justifiable defense for their submission to the Chinese Communist Party.

With Canadians outraged over documents uncovered by Rebel News that show Justin Trudeau wanted Chinese Communist troops on Canadian soil – in opposition to the wishes of the Canadian Military – the shocking report came up in Question Period.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, who has taken a strong stance on China, slammed the Liberals.

In response, Chrystia Freeland gave her same usual message, with carefully crafted statements and endless empty words that didn’t actually address the issue.

The thing is, the Liberals have no defense here.

They have no justification.

And now that they are being forced to explain themselves, they simply don’t have an explanation.

You can watch the O’Toole vs Freeland showdown below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter