Trudeau’s Endless Carbon Tax Hikes Are A Continued Attack On Working Class Canadians

The elites will never be impacted by the rising cost of living, but the rest of us will.

Across the world, we are seeing a rising trend that should be disturbing to all of us:

Rather than seek to ensure that their Citizens can get richer and more prosperous, politicians are seeking to manage expectations, get people to accept a lower standard of living, make people poorer, while exempting themselves and their fellow elites from all of that damage.

And this is what we are seeing with Trudeau’s plan to endlessly raise the carbon tax.

Between now and 2030, the carbon tax will increase $15 per tonne every year, until it reaches $170 a tonne.

Of course, it won’t end there.

If the Liberals remain in power, it will continue to go up and up and up.

And keep in mind, this is happening as countries around the world – including Japan and India – are building new coal power plants, and as emissions go down more in the United States than in Canada, while the US has no carbon tax.

So, what is this really about?

We are seeing a fundamental shift being imposed on us by those in power, a shift that was never openly discussed.

For decades, it has been assumed by all of us that, give or take whatever political differences we have, we should become more and more prosperous every year. Our leaders should focus on growing the economy in a way that ensures Canadian individuals and families are richer – in real terms – every year.

But now, we are seeing our leaders do the opposite.

With Trudeau’s endless carbon tax hikes, he is in effect engaging in economic warfare against working class and middle class Canadians.

People already struggling under Canada’s massive household debt burden, and the rising cost of living, now have the government directly and purposely making life more and more expensive.

Of course, the elites are exempted from this.

Trudeau and those like him can easily afford to travel the world endlessly, and don’t notice if life gets 10% or 20% more expensive. It doesn’t impact them.

But for the vast majority of Canadians, an increase in the cost of living is unsustainable, and higher costs means becoming poorer and going with less.

Of course, they aren’t telling us that, and much of the establishment media won’t tell you either.

Yet, we will see the truth in the impact of this damaging tax hike on Canadians, a policy that will hurt our Citizens more and more unless it is swiftly reversed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube