Communist China Is Using Slaves To Pick Cotton

How much longer will the political class refuse to acknowledge what China has become?

Communist China has enslaved hundreds of thousands of people who are being forced to pick cotton.

Here’s the information, as first reported by BBC News:

“Alongside a large network of detention camps, in which more than a million are thought to have been detained, allegations that minority groups are being coerced into working in textile factories have already been well documented.

The Chinese government denies the claims, insisting that the camps are “vocational training schools” and the factories are part of a massive, and voluntary, “poverty alleviation” scheme.

But the new evidence suggests that upwards of half a million minority workers a year are also being marshalled into seasonal cotton picking under conditions that again appear to raise a high risk of coercion.

“In my view the implications are truly on a historical scale,” Dr Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation in Washington who uncovered the documents, told the BBC.

“For the first time we not only have evidence of Uighur forced labour in manufacturing, in garment making, it’s directly about the picking of cotton, and I think that is such a game-changer.”

While many are reluctant to use the word slavery in this case, that is simply what it is.

A bunch of people from a specific ethnic group – a group China is targeting – have been forced to pick cotton against their will, under the threat of violence.

So now, it is a fact that China is operating both concentration camps and slave labour camps.

This now brings us to the question of what the response by countries like Canada should be.

First, we must ban all cotton from that region, not allowing any products made out of that slave-processed material to enter our country.

Second, we must – as I’ve said before – ban companies from China from taking over Canadian companies, impose tariffs in sensitive sectors, crack down on CCP intimidation attempts against Canadians of Chinese-origin in Canada, and shift our trade towards other countries that share our values, reducing our links to China.

We must also strongly condemn this use of slave labour by China.

At this point, any Canadian politician who can’t acknowledge what China has become is increasingly suspect in terms of their loyalties.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

Slavery is almost FREE Energy. Fossil Fuels are almost FREE Energy. China knows this and is using this. Coal is King in China. The World has ALMOST completely done away with slavery. What will we use as a FREE Energy as to have any kind of civilisation ??


Guy-Paul Roy just go on the web and look up how much slavery there is in the world, I was shocked that we have that much of it, it is even here in Canada even though when found they shut it down. Doug Ford in the Ontario News has had several posts on this subject and special police to route it out since we have over one third of these victims in Ontario.


“Suspect” in their loyalties?!? The Trudeau govt is overtly loyal to China, and hostile to the US and our Western allies.