Liberals Ripped For “Inaction Against Communist China”

The Liberal government has so far ignored a motion in the House of Commons that called for action to stop Communist China from intimidating Canadians.

There is one day left for the Liberals to live up to a motion passed in the House of Commons that called on them to ban Huawei and take action against Communist China’s efforts to intimidate Canadian Citizens on Canadian soil.

So far, nothing has been done.

And the Conservatives are slamming the Liberals for that inaction.

Erin O'Toole China Statement

By ignoring this motion, the Liberals once again miss an opportunity to take action against China.

And the biggest victims of this are Canadians of Chinese-origin, who are facing brutal intimidation tactics and threats from Communist China agents.

The ruthless Communist Party of China has extended their reach into Canada, threatening Citizens of our country, all while the Liberals do nothing.

Further, Huawei has still not been banned from our 5G networks, despite the Canadian military and intelligence agencies giving repeated warnings about how dangerous Huawei would be in our networks.

What makes this so disturbing is that this was the easy way out for the Liberals. They could have banned Huawei, and could have taken action to protect Canadians from Chinese Communist agents, and had the ‘excuse’ of being forced to do it.

Instead, they continue to do nothing at all, raising even more concerning questions about why the Liberals seem so determined to push China’s interests instead of Canadian interests.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube