State-Owned China Investment Corporation Has Stake In Company That Processes Many Of Canada’s Immigration Visa Applications

Because of course it does.

The reach of Communist China has been revealed to be even further into our system than previously thought.

According to a Globe & Mail report, the China Investment Corporation, a state-owned investment fund, is one of the largest backers of TT Services.

TT Services, owned by Dubai-based VFS Global, processes Canada’s immigration visa applications in 24 countries.

As a result, it’s possible that China has access to a vast amount of personal information.

The report notes that since 2008, when VFS started processing visas within China, warnings have been issued, in large part due to the fact that the Chinese Communist State can demand any information from any Chinese company at any time, and must be provided with that info.

Former CSIS head Richard Fadden expressed serious concerns, including pointing out that this info could be “useful to the Chinese state,” as they would have a vast amount of date on individuals who want to come to Canada.

Combined with what we are increasingly seeing as China spreads their intimidation practices within our country, they could use this information to gain more and more control over individuals within our borders.

This all requires a strong response from the federal government, since one of the key roles of government is to protect our Citizens from foreign interference and foreign aggression.

Yet, as pointed out by Erin O’Toole on Twitter, the Liberal government has ignored the deadline imposed by the House of Commons to ban Huawei and come up with a plan to protect Canadians from China’s aggression:

The Liberals continue to send a signal to China that their actions will go without a response, which will only invite more interference and more intimidation of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The lieberals are anti Canadian and secretive and we need old fashioned investigative media to let us know what is really happening, but then the Chinese people do not know what their government is really up to either and who runs our country. That is why if your following what is going on in the attempted Chinese takeover of the USA and they are finding out now how many politicians are bought, along with their election and voting machines supplied by big tech etc., we fall hard when the USA does, which is why lieberals are waiting to make sure… Read more »

Ken H Lane

Suspicions confirmed possibly. Justin Trudeau has perhaps been talking too much and too often with Barak Obama . . . whose disdain for the country for which he was president was quite evident. Justin’s disdain, particularly for Western Canada, is even more obvious, while his respect/admiration/appreciation for Communist China is equally obvious. Conversations of this date were sparked by a theory that the federal Liberal party is quite purposefully “crushing” what we know as Canada, most particularly the wealth-generating capacity of the fossil fuels industry. Push the values of economic contributors low enough, and they can be cheaply purchased, in… Read more »


The ChiCommies are burrowed deeply into much of Canada today . . . and our weak & feckless Crime Minister is a willing participant.
After all he told us in 2014 of his luv for the Communists.

In not to many years we could be in the same boat as Hong Kong . . . our best hope is that Trump will save us !


A commercial company processes visa application to Canada? Is that some sort of joke? Where are the Government employees? Why do we have bureaucrats?

John Cox

The Lieberals have sunk to a new low. They are now farming out our immigration checks to a hostile nation, what the hell is wrong with these SOBs

very old white guy

So the liberals actually managed to give Canada to China, was anyone watching?


Figures doesn’t it?!