WATCH: Poilievre Warns That ‘Castro & Chinese Communist Dictatorship Admirer Justin Trudeau’ Can’t Be Trusted To Regulate Internet

The internet has proven to be an amazing way for regular people to share their views and fight back against authoritarian states. It’s no wonder that more and more politicians are trying to put the government in control at the expense of our freedom of expression.

The Liberals are pushing ahead with Bill C-10, legislation to ‘regulate’ internet content.

Of course, that is concerning all by itself, considering how politicians around the world seem so desperate to shut down the free exchange of ideas online.

While dictators and authoritarian states like Communist China have been the most obvious in their attempts to destroy online freedom (you can be punished in China for sharing a Winnie The Pooh photo because it upsets insecure Xi Jinping), we are seeing that attitude spread to ostensibly democratic nations.

Often, it is hidden as an attempt to stop ‘hate speech,’ despite the fact that the law already deals with clear threats of violence made in any forum, whether online or in tangible form.

But whatever explanation the politicians offer, it is really about control, controlling your right to say and think what you choose, and controlling your ability to select the content you prefer.

Making this more concerning in Canada is that the government pushing for this regulation is led by a man who admires Fidel Castro and the Chinese Communist Dictatorship.

That’s a point made by Conservative Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre, who explained why Trudeau cannot be trusted.

You can watch his full remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter