Kenney’s Refusal To Punish Hypocritical Globe-Trotting Politicians Is A Disgrace

If politicians don’t follow the rules, nobody can expect the rest of us to listen to a damn word they have to say.

The Alberta government has issued repeated warnings against non-essential travel.

They have advised everyone to stay home and work from home as much as possible.

People can be fined and punished if they violate the rules, and gather with ‘too many people.’

Small businesses are being severely damaged, as they are across the nation.

We are witnessing restrictions on our freedom and individual rights that never seemed possible in a supposedly ‘free society.’

And what are many politicians doing as people are locked down?

Getting on planes and flying to tropical vacation spots.

Yep, there’s that “we’re all in it together,” shared sacrifice for you.

YOU and your family have to sacrifice under the threat of government sanction.

But the politicians threatening us can get on planes and – using their secure salaries paid by our tax dollars – fly around the world while lecturing the rest of us.

It is disgusting.

And politicians who should know better, have proven to be defenders of the same entitled system they once opposed.

For example, in Alberta, four United Conservative Party MLAs – Tanya Fir, Jeremy Nixon, Tracey Allard, and Pat Rehn – all travelled outside of Canada for vacations. Two went to Hawaii, one went to Las Vegas, and one went to Mexico.

Also, Kenney’s Chief of Staff went on vacation with his whole family to the United Kingdom.

In response, Kenney has said he will take no action against those MLAs, deciding instead to issue ‘new guidance’ advising against international travel for MLAs.

Of course, regular Albertans can be punished for gathering with ‘too many people,’ or trying to keep their businesses alive, so this is absolutely disgraceful hypocrisy.

By refusing to hold hypocritical politicians accountable, Kenney is acting just like they entitled Liberals he and many Conservatives once claimed to oppose.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Paul Chabidon

It is not a disgrace at all This Scamdemic is the Disgrace time to move past all of thi CV19 Hysteria and resume our lives!


Forget scolding politicians for vacationing. The only travel ban is for travel by road to the USA. We are all invited to fly anywhere in the world, thanks to Trudeau. China has invited all Canadians to travel to Wuhan and its other cities, since last summer. 🙁


Kenney seems to have become Trudeau with no ugly scraggly facial hair. One and done like Ford and Trump? WEXIT is looking better all the time.

Andrew Barnard

I had hope Kenney would be better Negative Nutley – turns out he is just a run of the mill politician – so disappointed

Gerri Page

Fire them all and let’s start fresh.


So what the politicians’ are saying is this Plandemic is a hoax.


Every one of them should be held in those government internment quarantine camps for 30 days! And lose the job and pension!

Rock J Dueck

I might take this scam-demic seriously when they do.


They will continue to do whatever they want at the expense of working Canadians tax dollars until we do something about it. Hypocrites everyone one of them except a very few.


What more should Kenny do ?

Why do CONSERVATIVES have to commit hari-kari, when the media turns a blind eye to the libt-a-rd politicians, like Pallister (yeah, he says hes conservative, just like John Tory and Patrick Brown)…give me a break.