Liberal MP Steps Down From Parliamentary Secretary Role After Travelling To US For Funeral

Kamal Khera is the latest politician to admit to travelling outside the country during the lockdown.

Liberal MP Kamal Khera is stepping down from her role as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Development.

As reported by The Western Standard, Khera travelled to the United States for a funeral:

“In a Facebook post, Khera said her father passed away in September, with an uncle dying a short time afterwards.

“On December 23, I travelled to Seattle where I joined my late uncle’s only daughter for a private memorial of less than 10 people to honour the loss of our loved ones after not being able to attend the funeral of my uncle at the time of his passing. I returned to Canada on December 31,” she said in the post.

“Although the purpose of my travel was deemed essential under the circumstances, I have decided to step aside from my duties … in an effort to ensure my choices do not distract from the important work of our government to continuing battling this pandemic.””

Khera’s stepping down mirrors what happened with NDP Niki Ashton, who is in Greece visiting her sick grandmother.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh removed Ashton from her critic roles following the news.

By contrast, the Conservatives have so far been silent on Ron Liepert, a Conservative MP who travelled to California for what he called “essential home maintenance.”

Also, with now at least six Alberta UCP MLAs having travelled outside the country, Jason Kenney has refused to take action against them.

This has led to the absurd point in which it appears the Liberals & NDP are doing more to hold hypocritical travelling politicians accountable than the Conservatives are.

You can see the reaction this is causing, with more and more conservative supporters speaking out against the hypocritical politicians who claim to represent them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I just hope they all step down without their huge paycheques or pensions, and that these kind of people are not replaced. I have no idea why we are paying most of these people to not care about the CANADIAN taxpayers or Canada, they are supposed to respect and represent us, wisely and responsibly spend our money, take the responsibly to protect and carefully look after what was a good country. Not lock us down, destroy further our country and go off to foreign lands, to see their foreign friends, while making sure their plandemic carriers coming in on International… Read more »


We need to impose real world consequences onto these deceitful, weasel politicians. I suggest they should be banned for life from holding any and all government positions. No mercy! What I find hardest to accept is their contempt for Canadians’!


Is this kind of behavior disgusting? Of course. Is it material to the governance of Canada? Not in the least. Give it a rest and concentrate on something important like fiscal mismanagement and the Great Reset dancing in Trudeau’s eyes. And tell the CBC to give it a rest too.

Thomas Tass

Ethics. Morality. Honesty. Unless you have these I don’t care that you are a Conservative. The left needs to see this in action. It will be so much easier to shame them for their transgressions if these conservative clowns are shown the door.