After Posting Video Saying “We Cannot Travel & Gather As We Normally Would,” Conservative Senate Leader Don Plett Travelled To Mexico

It’s not just the hypocrisy. It’s the arrogance, and the stupidity of our supposed ‘leaders.’

Here’s a Christmas message from Conservative Senate Leader Don Plett:

At around the 30 second mark, Plett says this:

“We cannot travel & gather as we normally would.”

Funny thing though.

After shooting this video, Plett travelled to Mexico.

His office says he arrived in Mexico on December 28, and then ‘reconsidered,’ deciding to come back on December 31st.

“Senator Plett travelled to Mexico on December 28th, upon arrival he reflected on his decision to travel and immediately made arrangements to return home on December 31st.”

Clearly, Plett was seeing the outrage around former Ontario finance minister Rod Phillips, who was canned by Doug Ford after travelling to the Caribbean.

The real issue here is the hypocrisy. If these politicians opposed lockdowns and supported people being free to see our families and keep our businesses open, then there wouldn’t be much anger around them travelling.

Instead, politicians like Plett put out videos saying how everything is different and we can’t travel and gather, then they go travelling right after.

It’s total elitism and arrogance, as they are almost laughing at us by shoving their privilege in our faces.

Now, it remains to be seen if Erin O’Toole takes action against Plett. If he doesn’t, then it will be tough for him to criticize arrogance and elitism in other parties, considering that both the Liberals & NDP have punished some of their politicians who travelled.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Garlet Farlett

They are all the same, when we go to the voting booth you don’t pick who you think will best lead the country, but who is the lesser evil.

Ruth Dyck

And did our illustrious prime minister also travel? He whould be sacked as well.


Again we have been so lied to, you know the boarders are locked down, mandatory masks etc. ha ha ha stupid Canadians will hide in their homes and be fined or put in jail if they venture out, they must take the vaccine to obtain a proof license to go shopping etc. mandatory once available and the foreign drug companies make their money off of us while they do as we please, not working for me or you, fire the lot of them, no one can trust any of them this world wide scamdemic really proves what is really going… Read more »