At Least Five Liberal MPs Travelled Outside Canada While Feds Told The Rest Of Us To Do The Exact Opposite

Those MPs have been joined by hypocrites in all major parties who told Canadians to do one thing, while doing another thing themselves.

As the number of MPs who hypocritically travelled outside of Canada continues to rise, there are now at least five Liberal MPs who left the country even as the Liberal government advised Canadians to do the exact opposite.

Alexandra Mendes, Sameer Zuberi, Kamal Khera, Patricia Lattanzio, and Lyne Bessette have all admitted to travelling outside of Canada.

Khera has resigned from her parliamentary secretary post, while Zuberi says he will step down from his committee roles.

No action has been taken against the other MPs.

This leaves the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives with MPs who showed contempt for the Canadian People and travelled at the same time as all those parties are pushing for lockdowns.

We have these hypocrite politicians telling us to stay home, avoid gathering with our families, and shut down small businesses, while they are living it up on the taxpayer dollar, travelling outside the country – often to places where there are far fewer restrictions.

This has caused a justified surge of anger among Canadians, with more and more people waking up to how many politicians of all parties think they are above the rest of us.

Also, it is widely believed that there are more politicians who have travelled overseas, and are currently attempting to hide this fact and avoid blowback.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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