At Least Five Liberal MPs Travelled Outside Canada While Feds Told The Rest Of Us To Do The Exact Opposite

Those MPs have been joined by hypocrites in all major parties who told Canadians to do one thing, while doing another thing themselves.

As the number of MPs who hypocritically travelled outside of Canada continues to rise, there are now at least five Liberal MPs who left the country even as the Liberal government advised Canadians to do the exact opposite.

Alexandra Mendes, Sameer Zuberi, Kamal Khera, Patricia Lattanzio, and Lyne Bessette have all admitted to travelling outside of Canada.

Khera has resigned from her parliamentary secretary post, while Zuberi says he will step down from his committee roles.

No action has been taken against the other MPs.

This leaves the Liberals, NDP and Conservatives with MPs who showed contempt for the Canadian People and travelled at the same time as all those parties are pushing for lockdowns.

We have these hypocrite politicians telling us to stay home, avoid gathering with our families, and shut down small businesses, while they are living it up on the taxpayer dollar, travelling outside the country – often to places where there are far fewer restrictions.

This has caused a justified surge of anger among Canadians, with more and more people waking up to how many politicians of all parties think they are above the rest of us.

Also, it is widely believed that there are more politicians who have travelled overseas, and are currently attempting to hide this fact and avoid blowback.

Spencer Fernando

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shawn harris

Elites, globalists and especially our elected politicians all have one thing in common, hypocrisy. Add to that a disgusting belief that there are strict, arbitrary and binding rules for us common peasants and none for them.
Canadians are being forced by into feudalism, not anymore being governed but being ruled over by despotic leaders wanting more wealth and power at our expense.


Well the rumour is Trudeau spent Christmas in the Bahama’s…his plane is landing today, no wonder he was so quite over Christmas, shame, shame, shame or should the whole wold say Shame, Shame, Shame


hypercrites, they all should be fired,and fined heavy for just being hypercrites in our canadians dont need a lock down but if you tell us to stay home and you ruin business’s you can bloody well stay home,or else un lock cant have your cake and eat it too..


Wouldn’t you all agree the party is over??? It’s time to sweep the house clean!!! Enough of the double standard and the corruption, Half of these politicians do not deserve to hold office in Our Canadian Government. They are not even qualified for their positions. Why? are Canadians forced to pay for people that do not do a honest days work to sit in our Government and then reap a pension for doing nothing constructive for Canada??? Between the Liberal Regime and the NDP kiss asses, the two minortiies should not make a majority!!! By the way, where has Trudeau… Read more »

Richard Courtemanche

No scruples, no embarrassment, no leadership. Suits on hangers.

Gordon Graffmann

Rules for thee but not for me…


Don’t think lib mps will resign completely since justin Trudeau violated his own restrictions by leaving Rideau cottage for Harrington lake for christmas. If their leader can violate laws and rules so can his mps.

Garlet Farlett

But, unlike the conservatives who got caught doing this crap, none of the liberals have stepped down.


Politicians prove one again the are inept and clueless . . . Who ever though that a Politician, usually someone unable to succeed in the Real World, had anything to offer in the event of a National Crisis? Ditto for most in the Medical Profession . . . did any of them have any training in “Emergency Measures” for a National Disaster? Of course the answer to both questions is a resounding NO ! ! ! Listened to a Dr. on BNN last nite telling the audience that if we just Quarantined in our Homes for 14 days . .… Read more »


The “New World Order” that globalist elites and Beijing are seeking to build will look a lot like Communist China . . . 

And our Crime Minister Justin Trudope is preparing YOU for the “Reset” !


I guess I’m part of the peon class
Obey obey obey.