Kenney Reverses Under Pressure, Punishes Hypocrite Politicians Who Travelled

Move comes amid massive outrage against politicians who lecture the rest of us to stay home while travelling.

After initially saying they would face no sanction, Jason Kenney has reversed himself amid massive pressure from across the political spectrum.

Kenney has cleaned house, removing cabinet ministers, demoting others, and demanding the resignation of his chief of staff.

Here is Kenney’s full statement:

Kenney Statement

This had to be done.

While the hypocrites will continue to get government salaries, Kenney has at the very least sent a message that further hypocritical travel will be punished.

Of course, the fact that Kenney had to be pressured into this, after initially defending the travel, is very troubling, and points to the fact that politicians across the political spectrum have become far too accustomed to being exempt from the pain of the policies they impose on others.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube