HYPOCRITE: Tom Stewart, CEO Of Hospital & Member Of Ontario’s ‘COVID-19 Science Advisory Table’, Went On Vacation To Dominican Republic While Telling Others To ‘Stay Home’

UPDATE: Stewart has resigned his position on multiple provincial advisory tables following reports of his travel.

Previous updates below:

Here’s what Dr. Tim Stewart had to say about the public as he blamed them for rising virus cases:

Dr Thomas Stewart Hypocrite

Yet, while he loved to lecture everyone else and place himself above others on some sort of moral high ground, turns out he is a massive hypocrite:

See, Dr. Stewart decided to travel outside the country for a Christmas vacation, at a time when the Ontario government and some ‘experts’ like Thomas were pushing for everyone else to be locked down.

In a statement, Stewart had the following to say:

“I regret this non-essential travel and I’m sorry. Everyone should be avoiding non-essential travel now, including me.”


In his statement, he still manages to lecture others, saying everyone should avoid non-essential travel.

He deigns to lecture and tell others what to do, while ignoring his own advice.

And of course, while the rest of us get threatened with fines and even jail time, the hypocritical doctor just says ‘sorry’ and gets to move on as normal.

This disgusting hypocrisy is why the lockdowns must end. Those in power have zero credibility and zero authority to tell us what to do.

In a free society, we should first and foremost be free to make our own choices, and we must be free of these draconian authoritarian lockdowns being imposed by these pathetic hypocrites.

Spencer Fernando

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