There’s Only One Thing The Hypocritical Political Class Can Do To Salvage A Shred Of Credibility: End The Lockdowns

Admit the authoritarian experiment has failed, and make all of these measures voluntary suggestions.

Lockdowns have been getting stricter and stricter.

Cases keep going up.

Politicians keep on travelling as they tell us to stay home.

And now, Trudeau is threatening ‘prison time’ for those who break the rules, and Quebec is imposing an authoritarian curfew.

No matter how hypocritical they get, no matter how much they fail, no matter how much they demand and threaten us to follow their rules while ignoring the rules themselves, politicians in all parties and at all levels offer only more and more restrictions.

As a result, their credibility has collapsed, with Canadians across the country and across the political spectrum outraged at the disgusting hypocrisy by our supposed ‘leaders.’

What this means is that there is only one thing these hypocrites can do in order to regain even a shred of credibility:

End the lockdowns.

We have been witnessing an authoritarian experiment, with politicians attempting to contain a virus by imposing massive restrictions on our lives, restrictions that fundamentally go against our rights, while exempting themselves from the pain and damage of those restrictions.

That experiment has failed.

Small businesses are being decimated while global megacorps make record profits.

People are being arrested for the ‘crime’ of gathering with others.

Things that never should have happened in a free society are being done with impunity, as politicians try to normalize all of this.

A new variant of the virus has entered the country, because politicians kept the borders and airports open while locking the rest of us down.

And cases continue to go up anyway.

In a free society, these measures should have been voluntary. It should be up to individual Canadians, families, and businesses to make their own choices.

These restrictions – when made mandatory and enforced with the threat of government power – are simply incompatible with a free society.

The lockdowns must end.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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