WATCH: Trudeau Says “Not Following The Rules” Could Mean “Prison Time”

Rather than end the authoritarian, anti-democratic lockdowns, Trudeau and the corrupt political class continue to double-down on ruthless government power.

Justin Trudeau is escalating the authoritarian language surrounding the endless lockdowns being imposed on Canadians.

In the video below, Trudeau says “not following the rules” could mean “prison time.”

As I pointed out on Twitter, Trudeau only makes this threat after politicians are returning home, and are thus protected from it being imposed on them:

“Now that all the politicians are coming back from their vacations, Trudeau threatens prison time for those who break the rules. Of course, that threat only comes after politicians are safely protected from it.”

Now, the answer to hypocritical politicians travelling isn’t to place more restrictions on Canadians.

The answer is to end the lockdowns, end the restrictions on Canadians, make all of these recommendations voluntary.

Consider that the politicians are still claiming that the Charter protects the right to travel, which is correct.

However, if we have the right to travel outside the country and come back, then we must also have the right to travel freely within the country.

And that means we have the right to keep our businesses open, visit our families, and gather with whomever we want.

It is impossible to justify restrictions within our country while keeping the borders and airports open.

To end this hypocrisy, we must end the restrictions, and respect the freedom of Canadians to make our own individual choices.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


As they impose rules on us that they ignore themselves, we must hold these hypocritical public officials accountable. If you want to support my Independent writing, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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It is time to hold politicians to account, regarding our rights and freedoms! They MUST be forced to RESIGN, EN- MASSE!


Okay. Lock him up then. He chose to take unnecessary risks a month into the pandemic when covid was an unknown and folks thought it was to be the end of humanity. He wants to throw others in prison a year later when we now know many more details, that most of us sleep it off and we should protect our elderly and vulnerable folks before everyone else (after all, that’s the vaccine rollout plan). Interesting.


Communist countries have more freedom than western countries


Isn’t it time the people start taking control?
Jail the all politicians that don’t fight for our personal freedoms


I wonder what Rocco Galati has to say about the lawlessness being exercised by gov’ts:

Caroline Denise Beauvais

Where is the Conservative Party as well?

David Henley

lots of discussion on the MP’s who went on holidays. We have a right to ignore the restrictions and continue with travel and meeting with others, open our businesses. It is our right. Has everyone forgotten they work for us. They have exceeded their power and yet people still argue about which rule is being followed. NON of these are legal. As long as the people continue to just obey, they are going to continue to through out our rights and freedoms.

Martin Schotte

We elect OUR Democratic Government , via outdated First Past the Post Electoral System. This Democratic government sets the rules and regulations suitable for the Present conditions as per Canadian traditions. Frequent innovative measures are
ultra virus


What a powertrip for this recluse whose staff is exposed to each other, while he stays in his cocoon.


Canadians created this insanity . . . Canook Voters who only live for Free Stuff ! What is Justin’s “Reset” going to look like? The “New World Order” that globalist elites and Beijing are seeking to build will look a lot like Communist China . . .  Welcome to Kanuckistan . . . In London, rates of COVID-19 infection were higher after the November lockdown than before it started. Statistician: Lockdowns Don’t Work Because They Force People To Congregate In Fewer Places Author and statistician William M. Briggs argues that lockdowns don’t work because they force people to gather in fewer… Read more »


When are liars and hypocrites going to be locked up?