While Naheed Nenshi Enforced Lockdowns On Calgary Residents, Two Members Of His Staff Went To Hawaii

Hypocrite Nenshi is refusing to punish them, giving them a free pass that he of course would never give to regular Calgarians.

Naheed Nenshi can be added to the list of politicians who have one set of rules for you, and another for their well-connected cronies.

It turns out that while Nenshi was enforcing lockdowns on Calgarians, his chief of staff was in Hawaii, Maui to be precise.

Another member of his staff also went to Hawaii.

Nenshi added that he knew about the trip, and would take no action against them.

“BREAKING: Nenshi Nenshi admits his Chief of Staff and another of his staff went to Hawaii for the holidays. Nenshi admits he knew about the trip and is sorry he didn’t push back against it, but there’ll be no punishment as “he refuses to fire anyone to save his skin””

This is pathetic.

Nenshi was glad to lecture everyone else to ‘follow the rules’ and use his power to get the police to enforce draconian restrictions, yet he gives his hypocritical staff a free pass for living it up outside the country.

As I said on Twitter, if Nenshi isn’t going to fire his hypocrite staff members, he should resign:

“If Nenshi is refusing to take action against hypocritical staff who went to Hawaii, he should resign himself.”


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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