We Must Reject Curfews

The politicians keep piling on more and more restrictions, infringing on our rights & crushing small businesses, all while failing to truly protect the vulnerable.

It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting a different result.

And that is what we are increasingly seeing from our politicians.

They continue to impose more and more restrictions, even as virus cases go up as restrictions go up.

Now, with their latest escalation of restrictions and increasing authoritarianism having failed, they are doubling down (or is it triple or quadrupling down at this point?), they are moving even further to impose government power upon us.


That’s the new tactic they are pursuing.

Having already told small businesses to close while keeping globally-owned big-box stores open, having already moved to arrest regular people for just going about their lives, having encouraged citizens to snitch on one another, and having proven themselves to be massive hypocrites by travelling while lecturing the rest of us, they are now moving to tell us when we can and can’t go outside.

And they will be enforcing it using police power, fines, and perhaps even the threat of jail time, something Trudeau has already mused about regarding people entering the country.

We have to reject this.

Politicians have gone way too far.

Rather than doing things like promoting health and protecting seniors care homes, they just keep adding more and more restrictions.

Their ‘answer’ to everything is to take away more and more freedom.

These politicians are revealing themselves to be authoritarians, who are far too eager to use their power and expand their power over our lives.

That simply isn’t compatible with a free society, and for ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ to have any true meaning, we must reject these authoritarian measures.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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