If Your Rights Are Subject To The Whims Of Politicians, You Don’t Have Those Rights At All

Are we really going to accept the fact that politicians get to decide where we can go, who we can gather with, when we can go outside, and then give ‘exemptions’ to whoever they choose?

As we see politicians pushing for more and more centralized control, I’ve been thinking about the issue of rights, particularly the rights we supposedly have.

And, I have to acknowledge the fact that we don’t really have those rights at all.

We are all supposed to be equal under the law.

Otherwise, our supposed ‘rights’ are nothing more than whims of those in power, ‘privileges’ granted by those in power, not rights.

Consider that politicians have told us to stay home, told us to stay away from our families, told us we can’t have large funerals, told us to keep our businesses closed, and on and on, while exempting some people from those requirements.

Those exemptions are not based on any notion of legal equality, but are simply granted based on whether a politician feels like it.

For example, some NHL players and teams have been exempted from travel-related quarantine requirements.

Some have been granted exemptions to limits on funeral size.

Some businesses, particularly large big box stores, have been exempted from business shutdown orders.

Politicians have given the greenlight to their staff travelling, while they tell us not to travel.

All of this means that the ‘rights’ we think we have are not rights in any true sense of the word.

Consider that a provincial premier or mayor will impose a curfew, meaning you can be fined or arrested for being outside at a time they dictate, while they could simply exempt themselves from that requirement.

Premiers, mayors and political staff will feel free to travel outside the curfew limits, because they will be deemed as ‘essential,’ and therefore exempted.

Again, if this happens, it means that our rights are not actually rights.

We cannot truly call ourselves a ‘free society’ if our rights are given out as ‘favours’ by a bunch of hypocritical politicians who don’t follow their own rules.

If we accept that, then will be undoing everything we claim to stand for as free people in a free nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

If you agree with what I’ve written here, I encourage you to respectfully share this with your elected representatives and let them know how you feel.



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