Show Me Your Papers: Curfews Mean Authoritarian Politicians Are Demanding You ‘Justify’ Being Outside Past Dictated Hours

This should not be allowed in a free society. We aren’t a ‘free society’ if it happens.

With the same politicians and experts told us ’15 days to slow the spread’ now pushing for curfews, lets take a moment to consider what that means.

In Quebec, people who are ‘caught’ outside past the politician mandated curfew hours, are to be stopped by police. Then, they must ‘prove’ why they are outside.

Here’s how CTV reported it, in an article titled “Quebecers will need to provide evidence of why they’re outside after curfew”:

“A note from an employer, a receipt from the drug store, a hospital card: the province says the onus is on Quebecers who leave their homes after curfew to provide a good reason to be outside.

For example, people who have to work after 8 p.m., or have to respond to a personal emergency, should be able to provide proof of what they’re doing.”

And then there’s this:

““You can be intercepted at any time by a policeman or woman, and you will have to explain what you’re doing,” said Guilbault.

Fines for violating the rules can range between $1000 and $6000.”

That is disturbing:

“Intercepted at any time.”

“You will have to explain what you are doing.”

Seriously, that’s what you expect from the ruthless Chinese Communist Party, not a supposedly democratic government in a ‘free country.’

Giving politicians the power to demand we justify why we are outside is something we must oppose. I encourage you to contact your MP, and respectfully explain your thoughts on curfews:

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