Western Standard-Mainstreet Research Poll Shows Collapse In Support For UCP As Alberta NDP Takes 15 Point Lead

The Wildrose Independence Party has risen to 9% support, with 16% undecided.

A new Mainstreet Research poll for the Western Standard shows a massive drop in support for the Jason Kenney-led United Conservative Party in Alberta.

According to the poll, the Alberta NDP leads with 41%, while the UCP is far behind at 26%. The Wildrose Independence Party is at 9%, and 16% say they are undecided.

As reported by the Western Standard, it’s a massive drop in support for the UCP:

““This is horrific news for the governing UCP and for Premier Jason Kenney,” said Mainstreet President and CEO Quito Maggi. “It’s absolutely terrible.”

At 26 per cent, the UCP are polling lower than the 28 per cent received by the Progressive Conservatives under Jim Prentice in 2015.

Maggi noted it was a whopping 28 point drop in popularity for the UCP, leaving them 17 per cent behind Notley’s NDP.

He said the NDP have an unprecedented 50 point lead in Edmonton and 15 per cent lead in the former Tory fortress of Calgary. The UCP has also dropped 30 points in rural Alberta.”

Maggi also noted that the Wildrose Alliance Party could win seats at this point, with their concentrated support in rural Alberta.

Kenney and the UCP have been squeezed from both sides, with some angry at what they perceive as the lack of lockdown measures for a while, with many conservative-leaning voters angry that Kenney has imposed strict restrictions in recent weeks.

That adds to discontent already-existing due to Alberta’s economic woes, woes largely caused by both a drop in oil prices, and policies of the Liberal government that seem designed specifically to wipe out Canada’s energy sector.

Read more about the poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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So, all the socialists have moved out to Alberta to undermine real Canadians out there as well! So much for WEXIT!

Donald O'Kane

The NDP in Alberta is NOT the way to go since Notley and the NDP were instrumental in decimating the energy sector here when she first got voted in. She withdrew her support for the energy sector and caused over 1oo,ooo job losses. The oilfield, coal and pipelines then brought in the carbon tax. Then she borrowed billions of dollars and cut Alberta’s credit rating from AAA+ to A- or has everyone forgotten that.

Gary d

These polls are corrupt who checks that this information is accurate,
Voting for NDP sure run off a cliff like everyone else is doing right now.


It is too late it seems, even if we could find real Canadian leadership, every real Conservative will be taken down to centralize power so it is easier to really put the country down now when they are ready to, we are so easy and confused and not aware of what is really happening.

Brian Dougan

Why be free? Vote NDP!

Jim Tower

Albertans should learn what Republicans of the MAGA movement understand. Instead of developing a separate Party they have decided to take over the GOP and Primary the unfaithful. Wildrose membership would be wise to learn from this.