Radio-Canada Head Ignored Public Health Advice, Spent December In Miami

But don’t forget, “we’re all in this together!”

By now, we know that many at the top of Canada’s political and business class clearly see themselves as exempt from what most Canadians are going through.

And the latest fellow to demonstrate this attitude is Michel Bissonnette, head of state-run Radio-Canada.

Bissonnette is the executive VP of French Services at CBC/Radio-Canada, running the Radio-Canada side of things.

As reported by the National Post, Bissonnette spent December in Miami, at his beachfront condo.

That’s at a time when the Canadian government – and by extension CBC/Radio-Canada – was telling people to avoid all ‘non-essential’ travel, and saying “stay home, save lives” over and over again.

According to a spokesperson, Bissonnette was attending to “business regarding this property,” in reference to his condo, and then “He stayed in Miami from December 2 to 27. He worked from there from December 2 to 17 and was on vacation for the rest of his stay.”

A key reason so many people are angry about this is the inherent hypocrisy in those with power and privilege travelling around, while people trying to visit their families or keep their businesses open are threatened with fines and arrests.

We continue to see that there is one set of rules for those at the top, and another set of rules for the majority of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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