Erin O’Toole Bans Derek Sloan From Running Again, Calls For His Removal From Caucus

O’Toole has clearly been looking for a pretext to boot Sloan, and the Press Progress story provided it.

During his successful run for CPC Leader, Erin O’Toole was glad to portray himself as a defender of Derek Sloan:

But now, after a Press Progress report, Erin O’Toole has banned Sloan from running again and is pushing for him to be removed from Caucus.

Here’s what I wrote earlier about the report:

“Conservative MP Derek Sloan is under fire from Press Progress, after it was revealed that neo-Nazi Paul Fromm had donated $131 to the Conservative Party, specifically to Derek Sloan’s campaign for party leader.”

This context, as reported by Justin Ling, is crucial:

“Really crucial info missing from the story: This very recognizable neo-Nazi didn’t donate as “Paul Fromm” but as “Frederick P. Fromm.”

Putting aside any other issues with Sloan, I don’t think you can expect the party to be on the look out for all of Fromm’s nommes de plume.”

Yet, O’Toole has still decided to remove Sloan, banning him from running again and pushing for the Caucus to remove him:


As I said on social media, this is clearly an unfair pretext to remove Sloan, and is deeply dishonest:

“I’m not a fan of Sloan, & if I was a CPC member (I am not), I wouldn’t have voted for him. But if you really think he saw the donation from Fromm, knew who Fromm was, and then said “this is great!” you are completely wrong. Booting Sloan on this pretext is incredibly dishonest.”

People will remember this inconsistency, with O’Toole supporting Sloan when it served O’Toole’s interests, and now opposing Sloan when that serves his interests:

“This is a big problem for O’Toole. Party members remember this. He was glad to be seen as on Sloan’s side when it served his interests, and now is glad to boot out Sloan when that serves his interests. People don’t forget this stuff.”

Spencer Fernando