REPORT: Canada’s Pfizer Vaccine Delivery Reduction Worse Than Initially Thought

Government says Canada will get about one-third of what was expected by February 7th, rather than the previous claim of a 50% cut.

It turns out that the delay in Canada’s Pfizer vaccine delivery will be worse than originally reported.

While it is known that Canada will go an entire week without getting any of the Pfizer vaccine, it is now being revealed that the government is expecting less than one-third of the previously expected amount as of February 7th, even when including the one-week delay.

Furthermore, Major General Dany Fortin has noted that – according to the CP – Canada ‘doesn’t know’ how many doses we will be getting the following week.

Canada is facing delays that are longer than some other comparable countries, while the US is facing no Pfizer delay due to strong domestic production.

While some have tried blaming provincial governments for this, the reality is that vaccine procurement is solely a federal responsibility, and this represents a clear failure by the Trudeau government, a point I made in my latest column for the National Citizens Coalition.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

Maybe Payette can Help?

Richard Schritt

Pretty much to be expected ,most incompetent PM we have ever had in this country.

Michael McCallion Sr

Has there been a priority re-established by the Hull/Ottawa PCO or is the feckless PMO still floundering on how to keep the Nation du Quebec first-in-line quiet along with the missing Billions of tax-payer funding.

george townsend

Trudeau has failed us again. he obviously did not have our vaccines locked in for shipment. Now countries at the back of the pack are forging out ahead f us. Where did our $450 billion go.


My God he is a disgusting embarrassment for this country and for the majority of Canadians. Foreign leaders all over the world laugh at him, and it doesn’t even seem to register. He just lives in his own little imaginary world. Even most of the CBC is starting to see what he is. Maybe there is hope yet.


I say right on! No delivery is a gift.