“Very Soon”: Liberal Social Media Regulation Plan Nears Introduction

Rather than use existing authority, the government is seeking more power.

For some time, many people – myself included – have been warning about the continued erosion of free expression and central government efforts to control and influence what you can see, hear, and say.

And now, the Liberals are moving a step closer to further centralized government control over social media.

“Keeping you safe online is one of my priorities in this government. Like you, we believe that no Canadian should suffer from online abuse without recourse. That’s why we will be introducing #OnlineHate legislation very soon.”


As noted by Lawyer Ryan O’Conner on Twitter, the Liberals are abandoning the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

“ICYMI, the Liberals are no longer the Party of the Charter – they oppose the very document that the PM’s father championed. More police powers, restricting speech before elections, and now policing Grandma’s Facebook posts – taking advantage of COVID for their political benefit.”

There are already laws on the books against hate speech and against threatening people. The authorities are able to use those powers to respond to social media posts, just as they can use them for threats uttered in public, and for things said on TV, in newspapers, and on the radio.

But rather than use that authority, the Liberals are seeking to create a centralized bureaucracy that will inevitably morph into something that gives politicians the power to limit free expression.

The more this happens, the less free Canada becomes, and it will be interesting to see whether the Conservatives give in to the Liberals on this issue, or whether they stand up for free expression in our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Guilbeault has the appearance and radical views of a street thug and a dictator. Just thought I’d better get that in before his heinous bill passes in to law. And if it does pass into Canadian law you can be very sure that this will be a travesty of our long held, well formulated justic system in Canada, the formula of which the Liberals seem intent on overturning to the nation’s detriment. Lawyers must fight this and if they do not we damn well must or we lose more than our freedoms.

Thomas Tass

The good ship Canada has been holed by a Liberal iceberg and is sinking fast. In the meantime the passengers are more concerned about what color the lifeboats are.


This is basicly aimed at the free speaking news outlet such as Spencer Fernando, True North, Western Standard and most of all Ezra Levant’s Rebel.News.