Will The Conservative Party Stand For Free Expression & Oppose The Liberals’ New Social Media Regulation Bureaucracy?

Canadians need at least one major party that is pushing back against government efforts to centralized information and control.

In recent weeks, the Conservative Party has been undertaking a clear and seemingly desperate campaign to ensure they can’t be branded as ‘far-right’ by the Liberal (who will probably call them far-right no matter what).

This has given the Liberals strong control over the narrative, serving the Liberals interests in trying to distract from the increasingly disastrous vaccine rollout (or lack thereof) in this country.

And now, with the Liberals set to introduce legislation that is going to expand centralized government control over social media regulation – likely creating a new federal bureaucracy – it remains to be seen what the Conservatives will do.

The Liberals are of course branding this as being about ‘fighting hate,’ but there are already laws on the books that make hate speech illegal.

What the Liberals are really doing is trying to exploit this present moment in order to expand their power, and put in place a system that can restrict free expression online. Governments are increasingly disturbed at their inability to control what people say and think, a stark contrast to the power they had when there were just a few big media players.

Now, everyone has a voice, and those in power are seeking to turn the clock back to a time when most of us were unable to be heard.

If the Conservatives go along with that, many Canadians are going to understandably feel that the entire political class is abandoning the principle of free expression, and the party base will be outraged.

Many Conservative MPs are – as individuals – strong defenders of free speech, but it remains to be seen if the party leadership pressures people into abandoning their principles for what they perceive as short-term political benefit.

Now is a time for courage, not fear-based political correctness.

Spencer Fernando

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I fear that this so-called “conservative” party will not! They will likely compromise with the Fiberals, prostrate themselves before them, in hopes that Canadians will look at them as “reasonable”. In fact, the conservative party is leading us farther and farther left… just not quite as far left as the disgraceful Fiberals…yet!

Allan Wood

I have no doubt that the “cowardess” O’Toole will back away on any challenge to the socialist/communist suppression of free speech. I don’t think he’s smart enough to see the suppose “hate speech” will also include any conservative or “out of line narrative liberal doctrine”. Its another step in the transformation of this free Canada into a Liberal socialist/communist country under the model of the CCP.


The Conservative Party is NO Longer the True Conservative Party that we once loved. O’Toole is leaning to the left, more like a Liberal and Conservatives are NOT happy with moving left period! Conservative is a Right Leaning Party and Must Stay Right! Not Centre, but Right!