As They Target Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Liberals & NDP Vote Against Conservative Bill That Would Fight Illegal Gun Smuggling

Clearly, the government doesn’t really care about gun crime, and is instead trying to infringe on the rights and property of law-abiding Canadians.

We hear all the time about how new restrictions on gun ownership in Canada – including outright bans – are about saving lives.

It’s a good line, because it is politically difficult to argue against.

However, when it comes to the actual facts, it is clear that the increasing effort to infringe on the rights and the property of law-abiding Canadian gun owners is about demonizing some Canadians and expanding government power, not saving lives.

And that was made even more evident by the recent vote on Bill C-238.

The legislation was introduced by the Conservatives, and would have toughened action against illegal gun smuggling at the border.

Considering that an overwhelming percentage of gun crime in Canada is perpetrated by criminals using illegal guns, any true effort to save lives would be focused on reducing illegal gun smuggling.

So, how did the vote go?

Well, the Conservatives voted for it, but because the Liberals and NDP voted against it the legislation didn’t pass.

“Today in the House of Commons, Liberal and NDP MP’s voted against, and defeated C-238, a Conservative bill to combat illicit smuggling of firearms across the border by criminals. Same parties support the gun confiscation on legal gun owners. It’s not about safety”

This means, at the very same time the Liberals and NDP have been pushing to confiscate the legally-purchased private property of law-abiding gun owners, they are voting against taking stronger measures to fight criminals smuggling illegal guns.

That is total hypocrisy, and makes it abundantly clear that the politicians pushing for the confiscation of legally-acquired firearms have no true concern for the safety of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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kris d macklin


Brian Dougan

The Liberals and NDP better stop sniffing glue. Its seriously impairing their judgment. If they have any.

Thomas Tass

How can anyone take this government and its leadership seriously. From here on in every crime committed with the use of a smuggled gun is the shame of the Liberal Party and the NDP. By voting against strengthening the border Trudeau and Singh are nothing short of enablers of gun smugglers.


As Crime Rates rise in Canada’s largest cities . . . the Peoples’ Representatives in Ottawa . . . our low intellect Politicians . . . are making life more difficult for law abiding citizens.

And don’t expect the Police to go after the criminals . . . it’s much easier on them to hastle the little people aka taxpayers.

Gary Pawson

Once again, just WHAT do you expect from the low quality people we have allowed to slither into the Federal political ‘gang’s’? (One joker couldn’t get elected in his home area, so has to parachute to the other side of the country for God Sake.) It’s all about being & staying @ the public trough. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with stopping the illegal gun smuggling across the US/Cdn border. They don’t give a tinker’s damn about anything except staying in charge & forcing their goofy plans about what’s best for the rest of us STUPID people on us.… Read more »

Albert O’Connell

As long as the NDP votes with the Liberals Canadians will be paying…