Liberal Government Announces Draconian New Travel & Quarantine Rules Now That All The Politicians Are Safely Back Home

Of course, we wouldn’t expect the elites to go through all of this, would we?

The Trudeau government is bringing in new travel restrictions, including the draconian use of government power to enforce quarantines.

Travellers – including Canadian Citizens – who enter the country will have to get a PCR test, quarantine for up to 3 days while awaiting results, and then quarantine at a hotel designated by the government at their own expense, likely more than $2,000.

Flights by airlines to Caribbean destinations will also be ended.

Even with a negative result, travellers will have to quarantine under state surveillance:

“Those with negative test results will then be able to quarantine at home under significantly increased surveillance and enforcement. Those with positive tests will be immediately required to quarantine in designated government facilities to make sure they’re not carrying variants of potential concern.”

Additionally, as reported by Global News, the government is hiring private security firms to conduct surveillance and ‘compliance visits.’

“Meanwhile, the Public Health Agency of Canada said Friday the federal government is turning to private security firms to help enforce the 14-day mandatory quarantine and conduct in-person compliance visits.

Contracts totalling $2 million have been awarded to G4S Secure Solutions (Canada) Ltd., GardaWorld and Paladin Risk Solutions, according to PHAC. The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, a non-profit that hires Canadian Armed Forces veterans and retired RCMP officers, has also been tapped to help with in-person visits.

“The trained and designated Screening Officers working under these contracts will begin in-person compliance visits on January 29, 2021 beginning in Montreal and Toronto,” PHAC spokesperson Tammy Jarbeau said in an email.”

What this means is that the government is claiming the authority to pull you out of your home and put you into a quarantine facility.

How can that be allowed in Canada?

How is that compatible with the Charter of Rights & Freedoms?

Because the Trudeau government has failed at their basic job of distributing testing and procuring vaccines, our rights are once again under siege.

“PAYING FOR HIS FAILURES: Two sets of PCR tests & a 14-day quarantine somehow aren’t enough for a PM scrambling to obscure his inability to secure timely vaccines for the elderly.

Forced hotel internment puts the Charter under ‘unprecedented’ threat.”

Far too late

The fact is, the time for travel restrictions was at the beginning, when the virus could have been stopped from getting into the country.

The countries that succeed in stopping the virus from getting in – or at least reduced the numbers at the beginning – also tend to be the countries that did the best at protecting civil liberties at home.

But instead, when the virus could have been stopped, politicians lectured everyone about ‘stigma’ and ‘racism.’

And now, when the virus has already spread throughout the country, and when travel restrictions are more about taking away rights than stopping the virus.

I was an advocate for tough measures at the beginning, because we didn’t know how bad the virus was, and because it could have been stopped outside of Canada.

But that ship has sailed, and we must defend the rights and freedoms of Canadians instead of just giving in to the endless calls for more and more government intervention.


And of course, there is immense hypocrisy here.

Tons of politicians travelled all around the world, even as many of those same politicians told people to stay home and avoid travel.

These draconian quarantine rules weren’t imposed on the politicians and the elites.

They were only imposed once all the politicians had the chance to return safely home without quarantines.

That’s no coincidence, as it follows the ‘one set of rules for the elites, another for everyone else’ that has characterized this entire crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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