Trudeau Wants A Bigger Government, But He Can’t Even Run The One He’s Got

Only in politics (and banking perhaps) can failure lead to gaining more power.

Consequences for failure are one of the most important things for any civilization.

And I’m not talking about draconian punishment here, but about simply acknowledging the reality that failure has consequences.

Indeed, in the greatest period of innovation in the Western world, failure was neither hidden, nor was it permanent.

People would go bankrupt, lose it all, but then have the opportunity to start over based on what they had learned.

Many of the great inventors failed over and over again, using each failure to further move towards success.

But none of that would have happened if they hadn’t been allowed to fail in the first place.

Increasingly however, the pace of economic growth in the Western world is slowing, and a key reason for that is the expansion of government, and the related withdrawal of failure for the elites.

Banks and big companies get bailed out.

Large, failing companies get protected from legal violations.

Money is printed and created digitally at seemingly endless (and ever-increasing) rates, and pumped into the biggest banks and the biggest companies.

Even the stock market, the supposed bastion of no-holds-barred free market capitalism, is seemingly under the grip of the ‘no failure for the big guys’ way of thinking, as we saw when the rules were changed and trading halted as WallStreetBets started playing the hedge funds game better than the hedge funds.

Yet, all those examples pale in comparison to what we have seen with our governments during the Wuhan Virus crisis:

“Every time governments could have been proactive to deal with the virus, they failed. Then, their response was to take away more and more of our individual rights and freedoms. The more they fail, the more power they get. We have to end that cycle.”

And, as if on cue, we see a recent article by the Wall Street Journal on Justin Trudeau’s plans:

“Amid the pandemic, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is betting his political future on a shift further to the left.

Before the global public-health crisis, Mr. Trudeau positioned himself as a progressive, with an emphasis on promoting gender equality, combating racism, and fighting climate change. He ran some deficits to support infrastructure projects.

Now he is shifting his agenda into a higher gear, marking one of the biggest leftward moves in Canadian federal politics since the mid-1960s, political analysts and historians say, when the Liberal government of the day introduced universal health care and a national pension plan.”

In short, Justin Trudeau is planning a massive expansion of the role of the federal government, further centralizing power and dominance in the already-powerful federal government.

Now, aside from the fact that we need decentralization of power, not centralization, there is another huge problem here:

Justin Trudeau can’t even manage the government that already exists, let alone a bigger government.

Look at the virus crisis.

The federal government had primary responsibility – and immense power – over the borders, travel restrictions, and the vaccine rollout.

Their efforts in all those areas have been a debacle.

When border controls and travel restrictions could have made a difference (before the virus entered Canada), the Liberal government called those ideas racist and rejected them.

Now, when it is already far too late, the government is shifting to draconian policies like forced quarantine in hotels and government-mandated security officials fanning out around the country to ‘check-in’ on people at their homes.

On the vaccine rollout, Canada is falling further and further behind comparable countries, with the Liberals appearing to have bought a massive amount of supply far later than other countries, meaning we have a bunch of vaccines ‘ordered,’ but very few (none this week), actually being delivered – while other countries are proceeding with vaccinations.

In short, Justin Trudeau failed to effectively manage the government he already controls, yet wants to make it bigger and control even more.

Does that sound like a good idea to you?

Spencer Fernando

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