Humiliation: Canada Alone Among G7 Nations In Taking From Vaccine Fund Meant For Poorer Countries

Not only are Canadians at the back of the line compared to our peers, but the Liberal government is jumping ahead of poor nations.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government put on a big production about being ‘woke.’

They like to look as if they are helping everyone, fixing problems around the globe.

The emphasis here is on ‘look.’

In reality, Canada can’t even help ourselves.

With our nation facing a deepening vaccine shortage, and with more Canadians waking up to the immense incompetence of the Liberal government on the vaccine file, Canada is taking vaccines from the COVAX program, a fund meant for poor nations.

You see, in much of the world – including much of Sub-Saharan Africa – nations with much smaller per-capita GDP have been outbid in their effort to get vaccines.

Wealthier nations possessed more production facilities and bigger budgets, and bought their way to the front of the line.

As a result, vaccinations in parts of Africa and other poorer regions of the world have been moving at a snails-pace – even compared to Canada.

This was anticipated, which is why the COVAX fund was set up, to ensure some access for poorer countries.

Canada is now alone among G7 nations in tapping the fund, which was meant for 92 nations considered ‘low and middle-income.’

This is humiliating for Canada.

It is also deeply unfair.

Poorer countries already struggling to get vaccines will receive less from a fund meant for them, because the Canadian government failed to adequetaly use Canada’s high level of wealth and production capacity.

The Trudeau government trusted China for a vaccine partnership, an incredibly foolish decision for which Canadians are now paying the price. And, it turns out, poorer nations are now paying that price as well.

Spencer Fernando
Photo – YouTube


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