Vaccine Debacle Deepens: Canada To Receive Fewer Moderna Doses This Month

Canada moves further to the back of the line.

Canadians are being pushed further and further to the back of the line when it comes to vaccines, as the debacle under failing federal leadership continues.

With Pfizer vaccine shipments already cut, and with the Canadian government now in the humiliating position of being the only G7 country to tap into a vaccine fund meant for poor nations, things are getting worse.

Moderna shipments – the only other vaccine currently approved for use in Canada – will be cut in February.

Moderna shipments were already down 20% this week, and will be cut further next week.

As a result, Canada may receive 60% fewer doses next week.

There is also a concern that European export controls could cut the number of vaccines Canada receives.

While Europe has said they won’t cut shipments to Canada, our country has not received those assurances in writing, relying instead on ‘verbal assurances,’ always a risky thing to do when dealing with politicians.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the government has said the COVAX program (the vaccine program for low income countries that Canada is tapping into), would deliver up to 3.2 million doses by the beginning July.

However, on their website, COVAX lists only 1.9 million doses as being delivered by that time.

Many have expressed surprise at the deepening crisis, with Jody Wilson-Raybould mentioning Canada tapping the low-income fund on Twitter:

“How can this be true!

In QP yesterday,I asked ⁦⁩about risks of vaccine nationalism, the need for global efforts to vaccinate all & what Canada is doing. I was not told we are taking vaccines from poor countries. ‘No One Is Safe Until Everyone Is Safe’”

What we continue to see is that the Liberal government simply lacks the competence to properly manage the most important tasks of government, at a time when they are focused instead on expanding their power rather than understanding how to use the authority they already possess.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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