WATCH: Elizabeth May Slammed In Parliament For Celebrating Loss Of Energy Sector Jobs In Western Canada

Conservative MP Jasraj Singh Hallan points out that May was celebrating the loss of livelihoods and opportunity for thousands of Canadian workers.

A clip from late January is making the rounds again, following Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre drawing attention to remarks from Conservative MP Jasraj Singh Hallan.

Hallan had responded after Elizabeth May celebrated the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

May had Tweeted “Yahoo!” after the project was cancelled by US President Joe Biden, celebrating the destruction of Canadian jobs and the loss of livelihoods and opportunity for thousands of Canadians.

Here’s what Hallan said:

On Twitter, Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre included Hallan’s remarks as part of his larger point on the importance of making the ‘argument of the heart,’ not just logical arguments in favour of the Canadian energy sector.

This is a wise move, considering that while the facts are 100% behind the Canadian energy sector, opponents of the sector often make emotionally-strong but fact-free arguments against it.

If the Conservatives continue moving in this direction, their communication efforts could become far more effective, as they will stop ceding emotion – a huge aspect of politics – to their opponents.

You can watch Poilievre’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ben Eby

Coming from Elizabeth May this is absolutely no surprise. Regardless of the irrationality of the remark it does have a positive side. It exposes Elizabeth May as the self centered, drunken old babbling fool she really is.

Guy-Paul Roy

May Who?

Richard Schritt

Elizabeth May has always been a know nothing, and has always lived off of the tax payers dime. It’s unfortunate that we have the likes of her as a MP.


Elizabeth May is another one of those climate hypocrites. She wants to shut down the energy sector killing thousands of good paying jobs. Yet she is the one that travels on planes at times with almost no one on the plane. She must be a fake Liberal: DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO