Evan Solomon Rips Government For Not Making Decision To Boycott China Olympics Despite Genocide

“What have we learned since the Second World War?”

It seems that more and more people are finding themselves unable to stomach the supine position of the Liberal government towards China.

On CTV PowerPlay, Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden said that China was committing genocide against the Uighurs.

Then, he said that Canada shouldn’t boycott the China Olympics in 2022.

Clearly, that stunned Solomon, and for good reason. If genocide isn’t a reason to boycott the Olympics, what is?

Here’s what Solomon said later on The Evan Solomon Show:

“LISTEN: Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden told @CTV_PowerPlay that China is committing genocide against the Uighurs.

But he also says the government shouldn’t make the decision to boycott the Beijing Olympics.

@EvanLSolomon responds to his comments. #cdnpoli”

The Liberals are increasingly being exposed for their approach towards China, which has managed to be both weak and completely without results.

Somehow, the Liberal government has simultaneously shown tremendous weakness towards China and seemed to discount Canada’s values, while also watching relations between Canada and China reach a low-point.

Canada needs a far stronger approach, and that starts by boycotting the Olympics and sending a clear message that we won’t be part of a spectacle designed to distract the world from the actions of the Chinese Communist Party.

And, in total fairness, the Conservatives – who also say there is a genocide going on in China – have not definitively called for an Olympics boycott either.

Unless Canada starts showing some backbone, we will be seen as easy pushovers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Guy-Paul Roy

I do feel for the athletes that may or may not be impacted by something beyond their control. That being said. NOT one Politician has dealt with China as GREAT as our fine Turd in the Punch Bowl. Sooooo… We’All should hold our breath and WAIT and see what Justin has to say? Poor Justin is being picked on most of the time.


Athletes should be very afraid of going to China for the Olympics. China is using everything it can to punish Canada for what they view as transgressions. OMG people have you not been paying attention to what China is doing around the world? Every country in the world should be boycotting China in more ways than just the Olympics.

Bill Boskwick

CTV “news people” suffer from verbal bafflegab / motor-mouth “syndrome”. Mr. Soloman is classic.


Glen Aldridge

Genocide isn’t reason enough neither is kidnapping of your citizens. Just WHO does Trudeau & The Liberals stand for because it obviously isn’t Canadian values.