After Years Of Disrespecting India, Trudeau’s Incompetence Leaves Him Desperately Asking India For Vaccines

Actions have consequences, and other countries notice when they are used for domestic political gain.

Justin Trudeau has often made the news in India, and generally not in a good way.

First of all, Trudeau has been keen on trying to exploit divisions between India’s Hindu & Sikh populations for domestic political gain in Canada, and has often commented on India’s internal politics in an attempt to score political points within this country.

Second, Trudeau raised lots of eyebrows with his trip to India, where he completely overdid it on the ‘local garb,’ and came across as crudely pandering.

And third, he is seen as someone who has sided more with China (an authoritarian Communist State), rather than India, a democratic country that shares our values.

With India and China increasingly facing off in border clashes, and with India growing more concerned about China’s increasing military spending and belligerence, Canada has completely missed an opportunity to deepen our ties with India at a time when India’s power and influence is growing.

Yet, despite all of this, Trudeau has been so incompetent on procuring vaccines that he is now left to go hat in hand to India seeking vaccines.

In January, India restricted vaccine exports, but put 25 countries on an exemption list.

Canada was not among them.

In fact, Canada had not even asked India about vaccines, until Conservative health critic Michelle Rempel Garner brought it up:

As noted by reporter Bob Fife, India has put Trudeau to the back of the line:

Following the Trudeau-Modi call, Modi issued a polite statement saying

“Was happy to receive a call from my friend Justin Trudeau. (I) assured him that India would do its best to facilitate supplies of COVID vaccines sought by Canada.”

Notably, there has been no change to Canada’s lack of an exemption listing at this time.

In short, Trudeau bet it all on China, angered India, failed to build up domestic production, left Canada fully dependent on foreign countries, and now has to beg other nations for vaccines.

Canadians are paying the price for the continuing incompetence of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando


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