Poilievre Removed From Finance Critic Role

The party-base favourite has been moved to ‘shadow critic for jobs & industry.’

In a move that will surprise many core Conservatives – already concerned about the quick shift in party messaging in recent weeks – party favourite Pierre Poilievre has been removed from the finance critic role.

The role, which had him facing off against high-profile cabinet minister and Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, will now go to Ed Fast, an MP from B.C.

Poilievre will be moved to the new role of ‘shadow minister for jobs & industry.’

It remains to be seen if this represents a demotion for Poilievre, though it will be seen that way by many.

Notably, the Liberals don’t have a ‘jobs & industry’ portfolio within the government, leaving it uncertain which Liberal minister Poilievre will question. The shift will also make it easier for the Liberals to respond to Poilievre with lower-profile ministers, something the Liberals will certainly welcome since his questions often flummox Liberal ministers during Question Period.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube