WATCH: Dead Last On Jobs, Falling Behind On Vaccines, For Canada To Move Forward, We Need To Move On From Justin Trudeau

Talk is easy in politics, and results are what truly matter. And when it comes to results, the Liberal government has been appallingly bad.

How are things going in Canada right now?

Not so good.

You don’t need me to tell you that, you can see it all around.

Massive debt, a terrible vaccine rollout, job losses, a carbon tax rising making life even more expensive, and more are showing Canada outclassed by our peer nations.

Despite immense spending, the results are simply bad.

It is important to share this with as many Canadians as possible, since the Liberal government – and Justin Trudeau in particular – are often afforded more leeway on failures than past governments.

And the video below by the National Citizens Coalition sums things up quite well:

“FEELING STUCK, CANADA? Even after the largest spending spree in Canadian history, we’re still dead last on jobs, & we’re one of the worst in the developed world when it comes to a timely vaccine option for those in need.

To move forward, we need to move on from Justin Trudeau.”

Please share this video far and wide to spread the word!

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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