By Treating People Living On CERB As A Joke & Trying To Punish Roman Baber, Ontario MPPs Revealed Something Very Ugly About Their True Attitudes

How could anybody believe “we’re all in this together” at this point.

There are moments that transcend politics, even when they happen to be political in nature.

And the treatment of Roman Baber, and Ontario MPPs using people living on CERB to mock a colleague who asked them to live up to the slogan “we’re all in this together,” is one of those moments.

Ontario MPP Roman Baber had tried to make those words a reality, by inviting MPPs to cut their pay to the CERB level to truly experience what many of their constituents are going through.

Of course, his bill didn’t pass.

But then, after making clear they would keep getting their big salaries, they went even further, using people living on CERB as something to mock Baber, unanimously deciding to cut only his pay to that level.

The response from the public has been furious:

“How informative. An MPP using the CERB amount, that working Ontarians have to live off of, as a tool to mock & humilate another MPP with. I’m sure they all laughed & laughed after passing that bill.
Weird they think we’d find it funny though?”

“It was a tone-deaf insult to all Canadians forced into poverty & despair.

After the Ford government’s ‘cynical, uncaring stunt’ yesterday, the divide between the ‘lockdowners’ & the ‘locked down’ feels larger than ever.


“The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is NOT amused by PCs attempt to claw back MPP @Roman_Baber‘s salary (who proposed all politicians shld cut pay in solidarity.) “The Ont. government’s pettiness from yesterday looks particularly callous in light of today’s report on job numbers.””

“@Roman_Baberis a great leader, @PaulCalandra and every MPP who voted to have Baber’s salary reduced to CERB makes a mockery not out of Baber, but out of every regular citizen, 100s of thousands who have been forced out of their livelihood by government edict.

Shame on you all.”

“Paul Calandra (@PaulCalandra) mocked his constituents, our parliamentary traditions and Canadians in general with this stunt. He shows just how out-of-touch politicians can be. I hope the people of Markham won’t forget this come election time.”

That is just a sample of what people are saying.

The response to this is transcending partisanship, with people realizing just how much contempt and arrogance so many politicians have.

They tell us “we’re all in this together,” and then laugh and mock that claim the second they are asked to make it into reality.

What it shows is that most politicians never believed it.

It was just a slogan they could use in the moment, and would never be allowed to interfere with their privileged position.

What was revealed by Ontario MPPs is truly ugly, and shows that almost none of them are worthy of support.

Spencer Fernando


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