On China, Trudeau Is Burying The Liberals On The Wrong Side Of History. Liberal MPs Must Show Some Courage & Push Back

If enough Liberal MPs do the right thing and vote to declare that China is committing genocide, they can salvage their own consciences and judgement in history, regardless of what Trudeau does.

A moment for accountability is arriving rapidly for MPs in the House of Commons when it comes to China.

The Conservatives have introduced a motion calling on the Trudeau government to acknowledge that China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs.

MPs will have to decide whether to vote for the motion, which would be standing up for Canadian values and the true spirit of ‘Never Again,’ or vote against it, which would be standing with the Chinese Communist Party.

In recent days, Trudeau has made it clear that he picks the latter, continuing to try and cloud the issue and playing right into China’s interests by refusing to clearly condemn the genocide of the Uyghurs.

As many people including myself have pointed out, Trudeau is willing to accuse Canada of genocide, but won’t say the same about China.

Trudeau has firmly entrenched himself on the wrong side of history, and more and more Liberals will be locked into that judgement with him, unless they take the opportunity presented by the Conservative motion to do the right thing.

Regardless of what Trudeau does, each Liberal MP has the power to vote for the motion, declare that China’s actions are a genocide, and put themselves on the right side of history.

It’s time for them to be courageous and live up to the values of our country.

Spencer Fernando

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