While Liberals Punish Law-Abiding Gun Owners, They’re Simultaneously Reducing Penalties For Actual Gun Crimes

Could it be anymore obvious that the government is completely reversing the treatment of the innocent and the guilty?

At a certain point, it becomes painfully obvious that a government is driven solely by ideology, rather than facts.

And in the treatment of law-abiding Canadian gun owners, that is exactly what the Liberals are doing.

We have seen over and over again that the overwhelming majority of gun crime in Canada is perpetrated by criminals using illegal firearms.

By contrast, there is almost no crime committed by law-abiding gun owners, who are probably the safest people to be around in the entire country, since they can protect both themselves and those around them.

After all, if guns in the possession of Canadian gun owners was such a big threat, then where is all the violence from that group?

By contrast, we see violence repeatedly committed by gangs and criminals using illegal guns.

What a shock, criminals don’t follow the law!

Yet, rather than focus on protecting Canadians from criminals, the Liberals repeatedly choose to ban more guns, which threatens to criminalize law-abiding people.

Meanwhile, the Liberals are simultaneously reducing sentences for actual gun crime.

Here’s what Alberta Justice Minister Kaycee Madu said:

“While Ottawa’s new justice bill (Bill C-22) contains some reasonable measures, I am deeply concerned about the decision to gut tough sentencing provisions for gun crimes. 

“Ottawa’s draft law removes mandatory prison sentences for serious crimes such as illegal possession of a loaded handgun, robbery with a firearm, and possession of a firearm obtained through crime. 

“Removing tough, mandatory penalties for actual gun crimes undermines the very minority communities that are so often victimized by brazen gun violence. I also find it disingenuous for Ottawa to exploit a genuine issue like systemic racism to push through their soft-on-crime bills.

“For the federal government to gut sentences for real gun crimes just days after scapegoating duly-licensed, law-abiding firearms owners (Bill C-21) is especially rich.

“Once again, Ottawa appears to be going soft on the criminals who perpetuate real gun violence while symbolically targeting law-abiding Canadians.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

What the Liberals are doing to law-abiding Canadians is disgraceful, and their ideological approach on gun crime will make this country less safe, make life easier for criminals, and further demonize those who have done nothing wrong.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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