Trudeau Shifts Into Election Mode As He Accuses Conservatives Of Hurting Minority Groups

He is also extending government benefits, another sure sign that he’s moving onto an election footing.

I may not be an old guy, but I’ve seen enough elections in Canada to get a sense of the patterns that typically emerge.

And ahead of every federal election, the Liberals like to accuse the Conservatives of hurting various minority groups, while also increasing government spending to force the Conservatives into proposing ‘cuts,’ which they then relentlessly attack.

The tactic often works, hence why the Liberals keep doing it.

And here we are once again.

As reported by The Post Millennial, Trudeau is now accusing the Conservatives of having ‘harmed’ minority groups when they were in power:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided details on the Liberals’ most recently tabled bill, one the Liberals say will undo harm caused by the Harper government.

“In the spring, people took to the streets across the country to raise their voices against systemic racism,” said Trudeau, saying he agreed with the protest’s sentiments.

“It’s past time for a change.”

“All Canadians must have confidence that laws are there to protect them, not hurt them. Far too often, that’s not the case. It’s a fact that a decade of failed policies from the previous government disproportionately hurt indigenous peoples, black Canadians, and other racialized communities across the country.”

Trudeau announced Bill C-22, which he says will make the justice system “more just.””

Of course, what Trudeau doesn’t mention is that his policies will be more damaging to the very minority groups he claims to be helping, since it will be easier for criminals to victimize communities that already see a disproportionate amount of crime.

After all, most crime tends to be inter-community crime, meaning the victims of crime committed by a member of a certain group also tend to be from that group.

Further, it is quite insulting to the vast majority of people from every community who follow the law, to claim that reducing sentences will be helping that community.

Aside from the divisive rhetoric on race, Trudeau has also extended government benefits related to the Wuhan Virus crisis.

Now, since many provinces – including Doug Ford in Ontario – continue to extend their lockdowns and devastating the economy, many people still need support.

That said, the Liberals will no doubt use this as a cudgel to attack the Conservatives, and some have already claimed the Conservatives wouldn’t have provided support to people – despite the Conservatives having voted for the CERB.

So, it appears Trudeau has put himself on an election footing, accusing the Conservatives of hurting minority groups and expanding government spending, and we can unfortunately expect more divisive rhetoric from the government going forward.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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