Liberal Cabinet Will Abstain From Vote On China Motion As Some Liberal MPs Indicate They’ll Support It

With the Conservatives, NDP, Bloc, and Greens indicating support for motion declaring China’s actions against the Uyghurs as a genocide, it seems the motion will pass.

If there were backroom efforts from the Trudeau government to try and derail the motion declaring China’s actions a genocide from passing, those efforts appear to have failed.

With MPs from all parties, including Liberal backbenchers, indicating support, the Liberal cabinet has indicated they will abstain from the vote.

The move indicates that Trudeau doesn’t want the motion to pass, but knows he that opposing it directly would look terrible, while also wanting to leave room to claim to China that ‘the government’ doesn’t support it.

At this point, we really wouldn’t expect anything more from Trudeau when it comes to China.

That said, it is a positive sign that some Liberal MPs will be voting for the motion:

“Today I will vote in support of the House of Commons motion to recognize the #UyghurGenocide. I will also support the Bloc amendment to call upon the IOC to move the Olympics from China. However, that vote does not signify support for a boycott if the Games are not moved.”

With some Liberal MPs now indicating their support, and with all the Opposition parties planning to vote for the motion, it seems certain that the motion will pass and Canada’s House of Commons will take a principled and courageous stand for what is right, despite the Liberal cabinet abstaining.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube