“NO”: Biden Administration Won’t Help Canada Or Mexico With Vaccine Supply

How would the media have reacted to this ‘America First’ policy under a previous US President?

While much of the media has been focused on the supposed ‘change’ in Canada-US relations since the Biden Administration took office, the reality is that much of that change is merely rhetorical.

In fact, the biggest ‘change’ has been the US cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, something that hurts Canada.

And now, we see another example of how the US is continuing ‘America First’ policies under a new President.

When asked if the Biden Administration would be sending vaccines to Canada and Mexico, Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki replied “no.”

“The president has made clear that he is focused on ensuring that vaccines are accessible to every American. That is our focus.”

Of course, this isn’t a surprise.

It’s not the job of the US to make up for the fact that the Canadian government failed to procure enough vaccines early on.

That said, imagine what the media would be saying if this had happened under the Trump Administration.

We would likely be hearing all about how Trump’s ‘dangerous nationalism’ and ‘America First’ policies were ‘hoarding vaccines’ and damaging relations with ‘America’s allies.’

But when the Biden Administration does it, the response will certainly be much softer from the media.

This is a problem, because coverage of events should be focused on the facts, not warped around the personalities involved.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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