OUCH: Poll Shows Liberals Trusted Over Conservatives On Canada’s Finances

Removing one of the Conservative Party’s most effective communicators – Pierre Poilievre – from the Finance Critic post doesn’t seem to be working out well.

Back when Erin O’Toole demoted former Opposition Finance Critic Pierre Poilievre to Jobs & Industry Critic, many people pointed out that lowering the profile of one of the Conservative Party’s best communicators wasn’t a wise idea.

Poilievre had the rare ability to both appeal to the Conservative base – motivating party members – and garnering the attention and grudging respect of even some of the establishment media.

In short, he managed to get the Conservative message on the economy into the news and into the minds of Canadians.

His replacement – Ed Fast – is generally well-regarded and respected, but doesn’t possess the same communication skills.

Now, a new survey has some very disturbing results for the Conservatives.

On the one issue they should be leading, they trail the Liberals by a wide margin.

Best ‘Fiscal Steward’

According to a new Nanos Poll for Bloomberg, 32.9% of Canadians say they believe the Liberals are ‘Canada’s best fiscal steward.’

By contrast, just 23.9% pick the Conservatives.

9.1% pick the NDP, and 26.1% say ‘none of them.’

There is a huge gender gap on the question, with 32.4% of men picking the Conservatives as the best fiscal steward, but just 15.8% of women saying the same.

The Liberals narrowly trail among men with 30%, but 35.8% of women pick the Liberals as the best fiscal steward, a whopping 20 points ahead of the CPC on that question.

With these numbers, the Conservatives now trail on the one issue they would be expected to be dominating.

It increasingly seems as if the demotion of Poilievre accomplished what other recent O’Toole moves have accomplished: Dividing the party base while failing to win over the public.

Spencer Fernando

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