WATCH: In Speech, Poilievre Slams Trudeau Government For Being Obsessed With Spending Over Results

In remarks that included both facts and humour, Poilievre exposes how the Liberal government has focused on how much money is being spent on programs, rather than real results for Canadians.

With Canada having some of the worst results in terms of jobs, GDP, debt, deficits, and vaccinations of our peer nations, the Trudeau government has been going around bragging about how much they spent, as if spending more money was something of value.

Instead of focusing on results, the Trudeau government seems to think they should get credit for simply pushing money out the door. As a result of that attitude, Canada has among the highest increase of debt in the world as percentage of GDP, without results that even come close to justifying that debt.

In his remarks, Conservative jobs & industry critic Pierre Poilievre made both a fact-based, and often humorous argument that exposed the absurdity of the Liberal government being so obsessed with spending over actual results for Canadians.

Poilievre’s speech – delivered mostly without looking at notes – is another example of why is one of the top communicators in the party, and why it was such a foolish move for the CPC to move him out of the higher-profile finance critic role.

You can watch his remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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